Wondering what to do with your plain white walls? Purchasing art for wall decor can be expensive and feel permanent. Step away from the ordinary and mix it up by making your own! DIY wall art is a great way to put a personal touch on your decor, it can be cheap to create, and it is easily interchangeable. You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make these 20 ideas!

Take a look at 20 DIY wall art ideas you’ll be dying to make for your home.

1. Gold Leaf Monogram Art

The simple touch of a gold decoration can make a big statement in your home. This gold leaf monogram takes a twist on traditional art.

2. Colored Shoebox Wall Shelves

Turn old shoeboxes into decorative shelves with the help of a little paint and paper!

3. Ombre Quote Wall Art

The perfect project for those old pieces of scrap wood you have around the house. Create this pretty in pink ombre quote art to add a pop of color to your walls.

4. Postcard Collage

Are you a collector of books or postcards? This unique DIY wall art is a collage of postcards displayed on a foam board.

5. Gold Leaf Map Art

Bring the world to your walls with this framed gold leaf map art.

6. Painted Wood Wall Art

These old sticks of wood were turned into a wall art masterpiece with the help of some colorful paint!

7. Purple Chevron Wall Art

Create your own chevron patterned wall art with masking tape and paint on a canvas.

8. Framed Scarf

DIY your own custom wall art with personal items, like this cut up and framed scarf!

9. You & Me Wood Board

This wooden barn-door style board was transformed into a custom piece of artwork with vinyl, Mod Podge, stain, and paint.

10. Miniature Mounted Menagerie

Get wild with your home decor by creating this tiny plastic animal art!

11. Retro Wood Wall Art

Paint, stencils, and wood shapes complete these vintage wall pieces.

12. USA Pallet Art

Free projects are always our favorite! This old wood pallet was painted in chevron and a turquoise blue USA to create a fun and weathered look.

13. Paper Mache Letter Art

One of the easiest DIY art projects consists of paper mache letters. Spray paint a few letters in your favorite color and hang them on your wall!

14. Geometric Painting Wall Art

Do you have a designer painting that you love? This geometric painting knock-off was inspired by other paintings, but created for much less!

15. Rainbow String Art

String art is a great alternative to traditional art. With an assortment of colors, this rainbow string weaved around nails, creating beautiful results!

16. Glitter State Wall Art

Home is where the heart is with this DIY glitter state art.

17. Chevron Paint Chip Art

Add some color to your walls with this DIY art made from paint chips cut up into a chevron pattern!

18. Bubble Wall Art

Tissue paper, acrylic paint, and Mod Podge give a white canvas a bright layered look.

19. Quotes on Canvas

This textured canvas is a collage of torn magazine pages with a thick coat of white paint over it. Choose a quote you love for this project to display it in a creative way!

20. Fish Scale Wall Art

Gold circles come together to create this fish scale art that will immediately add some glam to your walls!

Have you done any DIY wall art projects lately? We’d love to see them! Share your projects, thoughts, or ideas with us in the comments below.

Top Image Credit: Laura Wadsworth