This entire home remodel consisted of renovating the existing home along with a two story addition, including a master bedroom and bathroom, kitchen, family room, and dining room. Going into the project the homeowner’s had never been through a home renovation, but the final results exceeded their expectations.

“Getting through our biggest fears (the project) was truly a dream.” – Homeowner

Over an 8 month time period and a little bit of nerves, this Maryland home almost doubled in size to accommodate the growing family.

Take a look at how Finecraft Contractors, Inc. mixed the old with the new to create this stunning home!

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“When adding an addition to a home the challenge is creating an exterior that makes the old look comfortable with the new. We accomplished this through our color and material selection as well as our collaborative work with the architect and homeowner.” – Finecraft Contractors, Inc.

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“The island in the kitchen has cream colored marble countertops which are offset by the dark granite used for the rest of the countertops. The master bathroom features white Carrera marble countertops to match the floor.” -Finecraft Contractors, Inc.

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“The homeowner had never done a renovation before and were a bit nervous going in. But, we did a great job keeping them informed along the way which helped make them feel more comfortable.” -Finecraft Contractors, Inc.

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“We have been back in our house for a couple months now and the final product is so much more than we ever expected. It has truly changed the way we live as a family and are beyond thrilled.” -Homeowner


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Top Image Credit: Finecraft Contractors, Inc.