Chalkboard paint is all the rage these days in home decor. From kitchen walls, to stairways and dining rooms, chalkboard can pretty much be painted anywhere and on anything. If you’re tired of your kids marking your walls with crayon or you’re running out of sticky notes for your grocery list, consider adding a chalk wall to your home.

Here are 18 chalkboard wall ideas for you to paint yourself!

1. Entryway Task Wall

Colleen Knowles Interior Design

Project completed by Colleen Knowles Interior Design

2. Dining Room Decor

Our Vintage Home Love

Photo courtesy of Our Vintage Home Love

3. Decorative Hallway Hanger

Right at Home

Photo courtesy of Right at Home

4. Side Stove Meal Menu

Core 10

Project completed by Core 10

5. Stairway Artwork

Robb Restyle

Photo courtesy of Robb Restyle

6. Daily Reminder Board

Life Made Lovely

Photo courtesy of Life Made Lovely

7. Kitchen Shopping List

Errez Design

Project completed by Errez Design

8. Corner Quote Decor

Lia Griffith

Photo courtesy of Lia Griffith

9. Refrigerator Rules & Chore Chart

Sound Painting Solutions LLC

Project completed by Sound Painting Solutions LLC

10. Closet Door Chalkboard

Witt Construction

Project completed by Witt Construction

11. Personalized Stairwell Decoration

Playing Sublimely

Photo courtesy of Playing Sublimely

12. Kids Bedroom Drawing Wall

Miller Design Co.

Project completed by Miller Design Co.

13. Children Hallway Writing Wall

Gretchen Evans Design

Project completed by Gretchen Evans Design

14. Desk Chalk Backboard

Fireclay Tile

Project completed by Fireclay Tile

15. Kitchen Chalkboard Art

Dear Lillie

Photo courtesy of Dear Lillie

16. Chalkboard Accent Display

Wentworth, Inc.

Project completed by Wentworth, Inc.

17. Lists, Menus, and Messages Wall

Celebrations At Home

Photo courtesy of Celebrations At Home

18. Chalkboard Kitchen Nook

Moroso Construction Inc.

Project completed by Moroso Construction Inc.

Would you consider painting a chalkboard wall in your home? Let us know what part you would paint in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Miller Design Co.