Fall is well underway, and warm nights are long gone. But you don’t have to say goodbye to the beauty of your backyard. With the addition of a fire pit, you can enjoy outdoor living well into the cooler months.

These beautiful fire pits will add interest, color, and warmth to any landscape, even one with snow on the ground. Take a look, then share your inspirations in the comments!

1. Outdoor Oasis

Fire and water add up to unexpected lushness in this stunning landscape. Place a fire pit near a water feature for a balanced, beautiful backyard oasis.

2. Warm Gathering

The glow of a fire makes dinner parties even more fun. Get comfy al fresco dining in the cooler months by making your fire pit a dinner destination.

3. Social Glow

Fall color and a gorgeous night sky make the perfect backdrop for a party. Use a firepit to turn a large patio into a constellation of comfortable social spaces.

4. Light Show

Even in warm climates, a fire pit creates a glowing ambience that can’t be beat. Offset your fire with colored landscaping lights to create dramatic mood lighting.

5. Warm Textures

When designing an outdoor space, textures and colors matter. Choose cozy furniture and natural stone for a fire pit that feels even warmer.

6. Fiery Entertaining

Pour the wine and gather round–no walls needed. Add a fire pit to your outdoor kitchen for an entertaining space that’s warm all winter.

7. Modern Drama

Fiery heat and cobalt blue landscape lighting add up to a dramatically pretty back yard in this Washington home. Copy this look by dressing up your deck with a firepit and some modern seating.

8. Inviting Spaces

A fire pit can turn an awkward space into an inviting one. Place your fire pit in an area just next to a traffic zone to create a social hub that anyone can join.

9. Snug Escape

Place a firepit on a balcony or patio outside of a master bedroom for a new space to read the paper in the morning or have cocktails in the evening.

10. Cozy Quarters

Outdoor furniture isn’t very useful in the cooler months, unless you have a fireside to sit by. Turn your patio into an outdoor living room with the addition of a simple fire pit.

11. Warm Outlook

A good view gets better when you’ve got a toasty fire to sit by. Highlight your property’s best outlook with a glowing, gorgeous fire pit.

12. Burn Bright

Fiery style turns this back patio into a gorgeous outdoor room. Use your fire pit as the focal point for a decorating scheme that brings your home’s style outdoors.

13. Green and Serene

There’s nothing more calming than time spent by the fire. Place your fire pit off the beaten track for a secluded, serene gathering place that you can use day or night.

14. Outdoor Dining

Pick up the warm colors in your landscaping and create the perfect space for dining and entertaining with a well-placed fire pit.

15. Elegant Accents

A long, lean fire pit adds warmth and structural beauty to this resort-style patio. Use an artistically-shaped fire pit as an elevating accent for your outdoor space.