We’ve been there: You’ve got a perfectly good floor, and you don’t want to commit to changing it. The only problem? Your functional floor is not very pretty.

What do you do?

These twelve DIY painted floors will inspire you not to settle. Whether you’re dealing with old-fashioned linoleum, ugly vinyl, or a concrete subfloor, these painted floors prove that you don’t have to wait for a pretty floor. Grab a stencil and some paint, and transform your room this weekend!

1. Whitewashed woodgrain

Tackle a torn-up wood floor with a whitewash treatment topped by a subtle stencil.

2. Watercolor mint

Add interest that doesn’t steal the show with a monochromatic palette and a subtle floral stencil.

3. Boho hall runner

Give your hallways an embellishment that won’t slip or stain with a painted runner in your favorite shades.

4. Checkered neutrals

Add quirky interest to a traditional room by switching out rugs and carpets for a subtle checkered floor.

5. Stenciled cement

Make a concrete subfloor the best thing that ever happened to your bathroom with a sweet white stencil.

6. Bold megaflorals

Go big and go home with a giant floral pattern that hides damaged wood floors.

7. Updated polka dots

Deal with out-of-date vinyl sheeting by painting on a pattern that suits your style.

8. Subway lettering

Transform a drab laundry room with a bold lettered floor. Paint on your favorite quote for extra heart!

9. White and grey faux bois

Try white and grey faux woodgrain for a clean bohemian backdrop to any style.

10. Geometric illusion

3-D illusion cubes add depth and interest to any room. Paint yours in colors that complement your décor.

11. Faux marble tile

Love tile, but not a fan of actually doing the tiling? Try a chic faux-marble tile finish in a deco pattern that’s straight from The Great Gatsby.

12. Leopard print runner

Go ahead, have fun! They’re your floors, and you can paint them leopard print if you want to.

Top Image Credit: Alisa Burke

Have you painted your vinyl, wood, or concrete floor? Show us your project in the comments!