You might have a nice sofa, and you might have a big screen. But do you have a home movie theater? These fantastic home theaters are the epitome of luxury. With giant screens, cushy seats, soundproof walls, and gorgeous details, you’ll never want to leave the house to see a movie again!

Take a look at these eleven ultra-luxurious home movie theaters that you have to see to believe. You might get inspired to scrap the spare bedroom, and make a movie room instead!

1. Feature Film

This classic walnut-paneled theater with creamy reclining seats and an acoustically-tiered ceiling is as relaxing as a week on a tropical beach.

2. Movie Madness

With cherry-paneled walls, cushy king-sized recliner seats, and comfy carpets, you’ll never have to wait in a ticket line to see your favorite film again!

3. Spacious Scene

This generous viewing room will have you enjoying the moviegoing experience with extra-long leather sofas, blackout curtains, and a jumbo screen.

4. Sports Fan Heaven

Scoooore! This viewing haven for sports lovers is even better than a private box seat.

5. Family Flicks

Part family room, part movie theater, this screening space adds an elevated second couch so kids and guests get great views.

6. Cinema Deluxe

Double-wide seats and a decked-out snack table make this basement home theater the epitome of movie-loving luxury.

7. Hollywood Romance

This classic home theater pays homage to Old Hollywood style with ruched curtain swags, uplit sconces, and tiered seating.

8. Starry Night

This home theater puts a converted attic to perfect use with a suspended projector, cushy loveseats, and lighting that evokes a starry night sky.

9. Date Night

Who needs IMAX when you’ve got a home movie theater? This media room offers a screen worthy of a Morgan Freeman voiceover, with the privacy of a table for two.

10. Silver Screen

Red velvet paneling, a balconette railing, and an ornate door make this home theater opulent enough for royalty. It even comes with a mini chaise lounge for your mini-me!

11. Big Drama

With scarlet velvet curtains and seats, a Roman fresco wall, and a real stage, this home theater could host a film screening or an off-Broadway production.

What do you think of these luxury home movie theaters? Would you add a private movie theater to your home?