Let’s just face it: everybody’s guest bathroom could use a little help.

It’s one of the least-used rooms in the house. But when guests come to stay, the guest bathroom suddenly gets its moment in the spotlight, and you’re left scrambling to make it fresh fast.

The holidays are here, and you’ve only got a few days left to ramp up your guest bathroom’s style and make that mother-in-law nod with approval. But don’t worry! Just check out these twelve tips, and your guest bathroom will be fabulous in less time than it takes to say ’tis the season!


1. Add an oversized mirror

Most guest bathrooms have a twenty-two inch mirror that fits just above the sink. But an oversized mirror looks glamorous, and makes a small room feel spacious. Best of all, it’s a super-easy change that you can make over the weekend.

Structure Home - BathroomProject completed by Structure Home

2. Bring in bold pattern

Okay, so maybe you can’t wallpaper your bathroom in a week. But you can do a fun stenciling project, use a patterned paint roller, or just pick up a set of boldly-patterned towels to punch up your plain space.

HOUSEplay Interiors - Peck BathroomProject completed by HOUSEplay Interiors

3. Get smart with space

This bathroom’s lifted vanity makes its small square footage feel generous by exposing more of the floor. Copy this small space trick by changing out your cabinet for a console sink with chrome legs or a small pedestal.

DeForest Architects - Farm BathroomProject completed by DeForest Architects

4. Rev it up with red

Warm red is a modern shade that transforms a drab space into a bold beauty. Get this look fast by painting a single wall, or just adding in a large-scale abstract art piece in shades of crimson.

Kaplan Architects - Redwood City BathroomProject completed by Kaplan Architects

5. Get an ultra-elegant light fixture

This subtle but significant bathroom revamp only takes a single step! For big-time elegance, simply switch out your current overhead fixture with a small-scale chandelier.

Coburn Architects PC - Marble BathroomProject completed by Coburn Architects PC

6. Punch up the color factor

Have a dull wooden cabinet vanity? Get a lightning-fast update by painting it a punchy color in a hue that contrasts with your walls. Easy extra credit: change out cabinet knobs and drawer pulls with shiny new pieces.

Brian Paquette Interiors - Seabrook BathroomProject completed by Brian Paquette Interiors

7. Go antiquing

Keep your modern guest bathroom from looking blah by adding eclectic antique pieces, such as this gold-framed oil portrait. Go one step further, and make a gallery wall with several small pieces that strike your fancy.

Coburn Architects PC - Portrait BathroomProject completed by Coburn Architects PC

8. Make it simple

Nothing feels cleaner and calmer than a simple color palette. For an instant space refresh, bring in a set of plush towels that match your bathroom’s color scheme. For added comfort, install a shelf, so guests won’t have to go searching in cabinets and drawers.

Benco Construction - Sims Road BathroomProject completed by Benco Construction

9. Up the creature comforts

This guest bathroom ups the amenities factor with the addition of a wall-mounted soap dispenser and a small glass shelf to keep surfaces spare. Add easy organization tools such as these to give your guests a clean environment that’s comfortable to spend time in.

Adeeni Design Group - BathroomProject completed by Adeeni Design Group

10. Bring in spring

What’s the cheapest and easiest way to make any space feel thought-out and fresh? Flowers! Choose a few stems in a small-scale container to keep surfaces uncluttered.

TreHus Builders - Clean Contemporary BathroomProject completed by TreHus Builders

11. Make the faucet fabulous

A shiny new faucet is the easiest way to refresh an old sink, and this simple switch can be done in less than a day! Choose a metal that matches existing hardware for a streamlined effect.

Structure Home - California Mission BathroomProject completed by Structure Home

12. Hang an unconventional mirror

A guest bathroom’s small size means that the mirror should act as its focal point. An oddly-shaped mirror catches the eye, elevates style, and distracts from any flaws.

Witt Construction - Oak Street BathroomProject completed by Witt Construction

Top Image Credit: Witt Construction

Share your smarts! What are your tried-and-true quickie bathroom refreshes?