West Elm’s modern home furniture and home decor pieces are awe-inspiring with neutral tones and stylish accents. As much as we would love to buy the entire store, some of us just can’t afford it. $199 for a cayenne linen weave pouf and $250 for a natural tree stump side table may be a bit outside your price range. So why not DIY these West Elm treasures?

Snag these ten West Elm-inspired looks for less by making them yourself!

1. Herringbone Mirror

Originally $299 in store, this gorgeous West Elm Parsons Wall Mirror – Gray Herringbone can be replicated with wood veneer, stain, glue, chevron fabric, and spray adhesive. Depending on what materials you can use around the home, you could create this knock-off for under $10!

2. Copper Light

Light up a space for less by buying your own cheap lamp cord sets, wooden shelf brackets, copper bushings and Edison bulbs to DIY this West Elm Copper Light and Angler Sconce, that when added all together would cost a little under $90 to buy.

3. Metallic Pillow Covers

Decorative pillow covers at West Elm typically go for $40 a piece, depending on the size and material. Make your own West Elm knock-off metallic pillow covers with a leftover canvas drop cloth, gold leaf and gold leaf adhesive, masking tape, and pillow inserts.

4. Tree Stump Side Tables

Bring the outdoors in with this tree stump side table DIY. Sold for $249 at West Elm, a natural tree stump side table will need to be dried out, removed of bark, sanded, and finished. Branch out with this budget-friendly DIY that is a lot easier to complete if you have tree stumps to spare on your property.

5. Succulent Planter

Ranging from $20-$100 you can get a high quality West Elm ceramic planter for your favorite indoor plants to live. For under $10 you can design a personalized planter to brighten your home with a few ceramic bowls, epoxy, soil, embellishments, and your choice of plants!

6. Veneer Spheres

If you don’t want to pay $45 for two veneer spheres, make your own for cheap with embroidery hoops (about $1 each) and wood stain, all held together by a thumb tack!

7. Wood Buffet

For those of you who have DIY superpowers and are willing to take on a more intense project, challenge yourself by making this West Elm-inspired wood buffet. An Ikea wall cabinet was transformed into a wood buffet for under $20 compared to the $1,200 West Elm reclaimed wood buffet.

8. Painted Rug

A rug is the perfect way to add a pop of color or pattern to a plain room, but rugs can be a bit pricey. For $20 you can paint your own rug with a patterned stencil template to get the same results of a $600 West Elm rug.

9. Monogram Towels

Make your own set of monogram towels for a personalized decor piece that will cost you as little as $20, compared to adding initials or icons onto store bought items for $9 a piece at the West Elm Monogram Shop.

10. Gold Dipped Side Table

You can buy these popular dipped side tables for $129 or DIY your own version for around $15 by painting the legs of an old table to bring it back to life.

What do you think of these West Elm-inspired DIYs? Let us know your favorite in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: Oleander and Palm