Tired of the same old rusty tomato cages? These DIY ways to grow tomatoes are a little bit different—and, dare we say, better.

From a home-made “tormato” to an upside-down planter that waters itself, these unique hacks will inspire you to shake up your gardening routine and put a twist on your tomatoes this year. Take a look, and let us know which one you’re going to try!

1. Make an indestructible trellis

2. Build a sturdy wooden tomato cage

3. Create a dual tomato cage/irrigation system

4. Make a Tormato


5. Use straw bales instead of building raised beds

6. Try the Bottomless Bucket method

7. Bury perforated tubes for deep watering

8. Hang your planter upside-down

9. Make your planter water itself

10. Or, make an upside-down, self-watering planter

Top Image Credit: Camp Wander

Do any of these DIYs inspire you to try your tomatoes a different way this year? Which ones have you tried before?