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The Porch Vetted Network

What is the Porch Vetted Network?

We created the Porch Vetted Network so that homeowners could identify and get connected with high-quality professionals they could trust, and to ensure that the best professionals have the opportunity to stand out and access exclusive benefits. Only professionals who pass a background check and maintain the standards described below for continued membership in the Program (“Vetted Pros”) can participate in the Program. The Program is subject to the following terms and conditions (these “Terms”).

If you’re a quality professional looking to gain a competitive advantage, give us a call: (855) 366-7021

What benefits do Vetted Pros receive with membership to the Vetted Network?

  • Profile Distinction – A special badge will be displayed on a Vetted Pro’s profile on, indicating that the Vetted Pro has passed a background check.
  • Pro Rewards – For every dollar that a Vetted Pro spends on leads with Porch, he/she will earn a 5% credit that can either be applied to future fees for the Program or used to buy leads. See details below.
  • Connection Guarantee – If a Vetted Pro reaches out to the customer with at least 2 calls and at least 2 messages in the first 3 days and the homeowner doesn’t respond within the first 7 days, then Porch will automatically credit the lead purchase price. See details below.
  • Future Benefits – In the future, Porch may offer Vetted Pros additional benefits through the Program, such as license verification; lead distribution priority; a “Trusted Pro” program with additional priority in lead distribution based on licensing verification, good customer reviews, response rates and other quality metrics; priority ranking in Porch and partner search results; special discounts; and exclusive access to certain lead channels.

If you are a pro that works within a larger organization that does its own background checks, please contact Porch to learn which benefits of the Program may be available to you.

What is the cost of the Vetted Membership?

Annual membership to the Program costs $359.99 per year. From time to time, we may offer trial memberships at a lower cost.

What happens at the end of the membership period? Will membership automatically renew?

A month before the end of the membership period, a Vetted Pro will be notified that the membership period is ending. He or she will have the option to opt out of participation in the Program for the coming year, or do nothing and have membership automatically renew for another year. If the Vetted Pro doesn’t opt out of renewal, then on the renewal date we will automatically renew the membership and charge the annual fee ($359.99) to the credit card (or other permitted payment instrument) on file in the Vetted Pro’s account. To opt out of automatic renewal and cancel participation in the Program, effective at the end of the then-current term, the Vetted Pro must cancel the automatic renewal through the Program account settings in his or her Porch account, no later than one day before the end of the term.

Can membership to the Program be canceled?

A membership in the Program is non-cancelable and non-refundable during the then-current membership term, except as expressly provided in these Terms. Any cancelation notice received during the membership term will be deemed to be a notice of non-renewal; the membership will terminate at the end of the term (instead of being automatically renewed) and the Vetted Pro will continue to have the benefits of the Program until the end of the term. No refund will be made.

What is required for the background check, and what happens if a pro fails it?

Porch’s policy for passing the background check can be found here. Pros who want to participate in the Program must give their consent for Porch or its third-party service provider to conduct background checks, and provide the information requested to perform the checks. Once a pro passes the initial background check, the pro is eligible to participate in the Program.

We perform a background check when a pro applies to join the Program, and then again at least once per year. In addition, our third-party service provider will continuously monitor Vetted Pros as part of their background check, and will notify Porch if a criminal conviction or other adverse circumstances are reported. In that case, the pro’s status will be reconsidered against Porch’s background check policy. If a pro fails to meet our background check requirements, the pro will not be eligible to participate in the Program.

In addition, if a pro fails a background check, the pro’s business will be removed from (Pros are generally not required to have a background check in order to have a profile on, unless they participate in a program that requires a background check. But if they do have a background check and fail, then they are no longer eligible to be on the Porch platform.) In that case, we will close any open leads on the pro’s account and notify homeowners that the pro is no longer on the Porch platform.

What does a Vetted Pro have to do to continue to participate in the Program?

To continue participating in the Program, a Vetted Pro must meet all of the following criteria:

  • The Vetted Pro must pass any additional background checks (including annual checks and the continued monitoring described above).
  • The Vetted Pro must not have any homeowner complaints that have not been resolved within three business days after the homeowner initially contacts Porch with the complaint.
  • The Vetted Pro must maintain an active credit card (or other permitted payment instrument) with Porch and not be delinquent in his or her payment obligations.
  • At the beginning of each annual membership period, the Vetted Pro must pay the annual fee for the Program.

If a Vetted Pro fails to meet Porch’s background check criteria, he or she will not be eligible to continue to participate in the Program. If a Vetted Pro fails to meet any of the other criteria, then Porch may terminate his or her participation in the Program, at Porch’s discretion. In the case of such termination, no portion of the membership fee will be refunded.

Porch reserves the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate any Vetted Pro’s participation in the Program (and/or on the Porch platform generally) any at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to those specifically described above. If we terminate a Vetted Pro’s participation in the Program for a reason other than those described above, we will provide a pro-rata refund of the membership fee.

What is the Pro Rewards credit?

Each Vetted Pro will earn a credit of 5% of the amount he or she pays to Porch to purchase leads (net of any refunds). In other words, for every lead purchase dollar, the Vetted Pro will receive a Pro Reward credit of $0.05. Pro Rewards credits will first be applied to renewal membership fees for the Program, and any remaining credit can be used to buy leads from Porch. From time to time, Porch may offer special promotions through which Vetted Pros may earn additional credit amounts; any such promotions will be at Porch’s discretion and subject to such terms and conditions as Porch may specify. The amount earned is a credit only; no cash refunds or payouts will be given.

A Vetted Pro’s Pro Reward credits will accumulate during the membership period and will be deemed earned when the membership is renewed. Unless the Vetted Pro directs otherwise as described below, the accumulated Pro Reward credits for the membership year just ended will automatically be applied to the annual membership fee for the renewal. Any credit amount left over after the fee is deducted can then be used to purchase leads from Porch, for one full year after the renewal date.

If a Vetted Pro does not want his or her earned Pro Reward credits to be used for the membership fee, he or she must notify Porch through the Program account settings in his or her Porch account, no later than one day before the end of the term. If we timely receive such notification, then we will not apply the credit to the renewal membership fee and will instead charge the fee to the credit card (or other permitted payment instrument) on file, and all earned Pro Reward credits will be available to purchase Porch leads during the coming year.

What is the Connection Guarantee?

We’ve included the Connection Guarantee as a Program benefit because one of the biggest concerns we hear from pros is that it can be hard to get in touch with homeowners. With the Connection Guarantee, if a Vetted Pro reaches out to a homeowner as described below and the homeowner fails to respond, then Porch will automatically credit the lead purchase price back to the Vetted Pro’s account. It’s that simple!

We’ve collected a large amount of data on what behaviors help professionals connect with homeowners. Based on our learnings, the Connection Guarantee will apply to a lead only if the Vetted Pro reaches out to the homeowner at least 2 times by phone and at least 2 times by message within the first 3 days of receiving the lead from Porch. If the Vetted Pro does this and the homeowner doesn’t respond within the first 7 days, then the Vetted Pro will receive credit for the lead. Refunds under the Connection Guarantee are credit only; no cash refunds will be given.

For phone leads in which Porch transfers a call from the homeowner to the Vetted Pro, the homeowner is already on the line and ready to talk to a pro. As a result, phone leads are not eligible for the Connection Guarantee. Also, if the Porch systems register a call between the homeowner and the Vetted Pro that lasts 60 seconds or more, we will consider the lead to have been connected and we will not give a refund credit for the lead.

Does lead purchasing change with participation in the Program? Is there a minimum monthly spend commitment?

No. Vetted Pros continue to control when they want to be notified of work, what types of work they want, how they want to receive leads for the work, and how they want to pay for leads, for as long as they want. As always, Vetted Pros can turn leads on and off at any time, with no minimums; they can automatically reload their account monthly or can pay for leads as they purchase them; and they can have leads automatically distributed to them (assuming they have credit in their account) or can self-select which leads to purchase. Note that Pay As You Go leads may not be eligible for certain lead distribution priority benefits we may make available under the Program.

Can Pros join the Program without a subscription on Porch?

Yes. Porch Pros can apply to join the Program regardless of how they purchase leads, whether through Pay As You Go or through a subscription with Porch.

What happens to a Pro’s Porch profile if the pro no longer participates in the Program?

The pro’s profile would remain on, but all Porch Vetted Network badging and other indications of vetting (or, if applicable, trusted pro) would be removed. The pro would no longer receive the benefits of the Program.

Additional terms to note:

Any waiver by Porch of any requirement for participation in the Program on any occasion will not be deemed to be a waiver for any later occasion or of any other requirement.

The terms and conditions of the Program are subject to modification by Porch at any time.


For more information, give us a call: (855) 366-7021

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