Selling a Home Checklist

All the things you need to do to sell your home

Making seling easy

Calculate your selling expenses
  • List the repairs and projects you'll have to do to sell your home
  • Consider remodeling projects and green updates to increase home value
  • Expect to pay 7-10 percent of the home's sale price in closing costs, commissions, and taxes
Plan your selling strategy
  • Determine how fast you need to sell and how much money you want to get from the sale
  • Interview at least 3 reputable real estate brokers and list your home on the MLS service
  • Plan your sale during the spring or fall peak homebuying seasons
Determine your home's fair market value and set a price
  • Browse listings for homes for sale in your area to get a sense of what is on the market and current home prices
  • Ask your agent to prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report
  • Use your Full Market Value (FMV) to determine your asking price. Consider pricing strategies such as pricing low to encourage a bidding war or Value Range Marketing
Advertise and market your home
  • Consider marketing your home with the following: MLS listings, "For Sale" signage, and real estate publications
  • Use photos and video to showcase your home. Hire a professional real estate photographer or learn how to take great pictures yourself. Video tours are a popular way to guide buyers through the features and rooms of your home
Prepare and stage your home
  • Make necessary repairs and improvements. Don't forget about curb appeal!
  • Declutter, depersonalize, and decorate every room and outdoor area
  • Have a yard sale. Sell, donate, or trash everything you don't need
  • Replace outdated lighting fixtures and window treatments
  • Paint interior rooms neutral colors
Set up showings and open houses
  • Keep the home in show-ready condition at all times
  • Take appointments or set up a lockbox so agents can show the home when you aren't available
  • Hold an open house for local agents to introduce them to the house and get feedback
  • Hold an open house for potential buyers. Advertise in local publications and put up signage in the area
Review purchase offers
  • For each offer, review the proposed price, pre-approval letter, contingencies, earnest money, proposed closing date, and offer expiry date
  • Have a process in place if you expect to get multiple offers
  • Keep emotions under control when receiving lowball offers
Make counter offers and negotiate
  • If the buyer's offer is contingent on selling a home, counter with a Removal of Sale Contingency
  • Offer to include furniture, appliances, window treatments, or lighting fixtures
  • Don't forget to set a closing date and move-in date
  • Consider offering financial incentives that don't require cash out of your pocket, such as paying for part or all of the buyer's closing costs
Cross the escrow finish line
  • Create a formal plan for handling home repairs
  • Clean and prepare home for appraisal and home inspections
  • Choose an escrow officer who will order a title search and prepare and record documents and closing statements
  • Prepare for the final walk-through inspection
  • Sign the closing documents and move out of your home
  • Keep copies of your documentation for reporting the sale on federal and state tax forms
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