Getting a Pet Checklist

All the things you need to do to prepare your home for a new pet

Making it easy to manage life in your home

Pet-proof your home
  • Lock away household chemicals and cleaners
  • Place houseplants out of reach. Many are poisonous.
  • Tie electrical cords out of the way if you can - new puppies and kitties are prone to curious chewing.
Consider custom home updates for your pet
  • Consider installing a pet door for easy access to the yard
  • Will your yard need a fence to keep your new pet contained?
Find a vet
  • Ask friends and family for a referral to their favorite veteranarian
  • Look online for recommendations for good local vets - keep reviews and affordability in mind
  • Check and be sure they have emergency hours just in case!
Pick up needed supplies
  • Where will your new pet sleep? Do they need special bedding or accomodations?
  • Do they have special dietary needs? Will they want treats?
  • How will you keep your pet entertained when you aren't home?
Work out a care schedule for your pet and your family
  • Talk with your family to determine who will housebreak the dog, who will take the dog for walks, who will feed the dog, and who will play with it
  • Discuss what time these responsibilities will take place each day and determine if additional care is needed
Don't forget identification for your pet
  • Consider getting your pet microchipped
  • Secondary identification tags for a pet's collar should include your pet's name, your phone number, and the city where you reside
Consider training for you and your pet
  • Training for pets can strengthen your bond, increase sociability, and help you avoid problem behaviors
  • There are 2 main types of trainers: classic trainers and positive trainers. We suggest comparing 3 to 5 trainers in your area before choosing one. Observe a class and find one with a style that suits you and your home.

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