Practicing meditation is a great way to reduce stress levels, improve sleep, and give you peace of mind. If you already have a meditation room at home, adding crystals can help to improve your overall experience. Decorating a meditation room with crystals adds a soothing component while giving the room a peaceful, calming vibe. Meditation can be a challenging practice for many people, using apps to meditate like Unplug is a convenient way to practice mindfulness and relaxation with guided sessions, chants, music, and motivational tools to keep you going.

This guide offers great tips and tricks to help you decorate your meditation room, including ways to incorporate crystals and stones into the theme. Read on to discover more about how different crystals can improve your space and meditation experience.


Unique approaches to designing a meditation room

The key to designing an effective meditation space is to ensure that you can completely disconnect from the world around you. Choosing a specific theme can help you create a comfortable, soothing space where you can focus on your craft. Here are some approaches to designing your meditation room for maximum enjoyment.

  • Nature: The natural world already provides us with a calming environment, so it’s important to bring a few elements from nature into your meditation room. Bring several beautiful houseplants or a nice jade tree in a pot into the room to surround yourself with greenery. A small water fountain can create a calming, soothing sound that mimics the sounds of a real waterfall. Look for as many ways you can bring nature into the room as possible, and you’ll soon notice that your ability to meditate effectively will improve.
  • Minimalist: Remember, the art of meditation requires us to ignore the world around us, so keeping this space as minimal as possible is important. Avoid outdoor distractions by adding thick, light-blocking curtains and choose wood floors in warm tones to keep the room grounded. Instead of bulky furniture, simply add a large floor cushion to the room, so you have a place to sit down. Keep wall art to a minimum and only add key pieces that truly speak to you. Keep your meditation room organized and free of clutter so that your mind remains open and focused.
  • Calming colors: Choose soft, soothing colors to decorate and paint your space. Instead of bold, dark, or bright tones, stick to neutral shades instead. If you need some help painting the room a new color, contact a handyman near you who can help you paint and make other modifications. The same principle of using calming colors applies to other types of meditation décor, including all of your rugs, window treatments, and furniture.


The benefits of meditating with crystals

The act of meditating alone already has plenty of amazing benefits. Meditating with crystals can give you even greater benefits for your body and mind. Stones and crystals come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, and most colors correspond with a different chakra. Each specific chakra determines how the stone’s energy affects you. Color is a vibration that generates a frequency that corresponds with different aspects of the body and mind. Some crystals help to eliminate negative energy and remove stress from the body, while others may free energy blockages that may lead to tension or pain.

There are even crystals that can help your energy flow more freely throughout the body, boosting physical and mental well-being. If you’re dealing with sadness or uncertainty, meditate with crystals that help you accept positive energy, including feelings of happiness and serenity. The process helps you raise your consciousness and awareness, reaffirm your intentions, and may help you to achieve a specific outcome.

How stone energy affects the body

Each crystal you use releases different vibrations that resonate through the body and mind. There are several ways that stone energy affects the human body, including:

  • Using a specific crystal while meditating will help your body become more in sync, which allows the healing properties to be received more easily.
  • Your energy will start to become more balanced, which helps you improve your physical health and stamina.
  • This process can help to improve your sleep and reduce stress, both of which have incredible health benefits.
  • Using the right healing stones may help to improve a variety of health conditions, including headaches, aches and pains, stomach problems, and insomnia.
  • Your body will become more in tune with the energy of the stones, which allows you to receive its healing powers to experience noticeable positive changes in your health and wellbeing.
  • Chakra stones help with grounding, which may lead to a better and more effective meditation process.

How stone energy improves personal growth

Meditating with stones may also help you reach your goals and improve personal growth. Here are some ways that meditating with the right crystals may help you improve your life:

  • Incorporate stones and crystals into your meditation to help you deal with stress more effectively.
  • The right crystals can help you get into a positive mindset before and during your meditation, leading to better results.
  • Stone energy can help you become more ambitious, learn how to handle difficult people, and improve your ability to persevere.
  • Use stones to help you focus, feel calm, and restore a sense of harmony between yourself and others.
  • Look for different stones that speak to you and determine which ones will help you improve a specific facet of your life.
  • Meditation crystals raise your vibration, which may help attract the things you want in life.
  • Complementing your meditation practice with various stones can help you clear negative thoughts and emotions, leading to a happier life overall.


How to use meditation crystals

There are some simple steps you can take to start meditating with crystals to improve your intention and outcome. Remember that you’ll need to sit with your crystals and allow their energy to flow through you as you meditate.

  • Always meditate in a quiet place where you feel relaxed and comfortable. Your own private meditation room at home is best.
  • Sit quietly with all the stones and crystals you have chosen to use and make sure they’re all together before you begin.
  • Close your eyes and start to focus on your breathing until it becomes slow, deep, and more relaxed.
  • Hold the stones tightly in your hands, focusing on the energy each one produces as the vibrations start to flow through your body. If you prefer, you may also choose to lay the stones directly on your body so they touch the skin.
  • Breathe deeply and let the crystals’ energy fill your mind and body as you visualize your intention.
  • Sit with the crystals for around 11 minutes, or as long as you need to, then ground yourself by connecting your mind and body to the earth.
  • Open your eyes and take a few slow, cleansing deep breaths.

Where to place your meditation crystals

How you meditate with your stones and crystals is important, but where you place them is equally as important. The location will mostly depend on your intent but consider these suggestions so you can put yours in a place that works best for you.

  • Next to an amethyst geode: Amethyst has versatile healing properties and a calming effect that soothes the body and mind. Place your stones next to an amethyst geode to improve the meditation practice and give you clarity while you relax.
  • Hold them in your left hand: One of the most common ways to use crystals while meditating is to hold them in your hand. The left hand is the receiving hand, and the right hand is the giving hand. When you’re using crystals to meditate, you’ll want to hold them in your left hand so you can receive their energy and the many healing properties they offer. Before you close your eyes, use the crystal as a visual focal point, then use it as a mental focal point once you close your eyes. This will help you focus on the energy it gives when you meditate. It’s important to note that you might feel some vibrations, tingling, or warmth coming from the crystal. Some people choose to ask the stone a question or tell the stone their intention when they begin meditating.
  • Lay them on or around the body: If you’re dealing with physical ailments, lay down and place your crystals on the areas of your body that need healing. This will help you focus on allowing your body to absorb the healing properties of the stones.
  • Place them on your chakras: Use your crystals to balance and stimulate the body’s chakras to maintain good health. Lie down and place the stones that correspond with the chakras you want to balance on your own chakras, then begin meditating.



The most common crystals and stones

There is a huge variety of stones and crystals that are popular during meditation. Here are some of the most common ones that you can use for your meditation room:

  • Obsidian: This deep black stone may help you remove negative thinking. Obsidian helps to absorb and clear tension, which may improve grounding, so you’re more conscious of your thoughts. Use obsidian while meditating to help eliminate negative or emotional harm while defending against unwanted influences that could cause you harm.
  • Citrine: Use this cheerful stone to clear blockages and negative thoughts. Citrine can help to fill you with optimism and increase positive vibrations for a more joyful life.
  • Black tourmaline: This deep dark stone is a protective, soothing crystal that can absorb negative feelings and thoughts. It also helps you stay grounded while meditating.
  • Malachite: Use malachite to help you tune in and focus on the now while helping you deal with feelings of anger or negativity. This green gemstone improves your awareness so you can restore balance.
  • Clear quartz: This clear crystal is one of the most popular and versatile of all, and it works well to help clear the mind. Use clear quartz to filter out disruptive thoughts and expand your realms of consciousness while you meditate. Its ability to enhance your meditation sessions makes it a must-have for any meditation room.
  • Selenite: With its opal-like appearance, selenite is known for its ethereal properties. Use selenite to get higher vibrations and remain at peace throughout your meditation session.
  • Calcite: Known as the stone of clarity, calcite is a beautiful stone that helps to clear your mind so you can focus on the moment. It also helps to transfer arrogant energy and improve your concentration for clarity and focus.
  • Turquoise: This gorgeous blue stone can work to repair your mental, physical, and spiritual health. It may also help you overcome harmful behavior patterns while accepting your truth so you can move forward and progress.


The beneficial properties of specific crystals and stones

If you want your crystals and stones to provide a specific benefit, use this list to help you choose the right ones for you.

  • Ambition – Goldstone 
  • Awareness – Howlite 
  • Balance – Zebra Jasper 
  • Calming – Blue Tiger’s Eye 
  • Cleansing – Clear Quartz 
  • Communication – Blue Quartz
  • Compromise – Rhodonite 
  • Confidence – Bronzite 
  • Courage – Tigers Eye 
  • Creativity – Yellow Quartz 
  • Emotional Healing – Rutilated Quartz 
  • Empowerment – Aquamarine 
  • Endurance – Red Jasper 
  • Enlightenment – Azurite 
  • Good Luck – Blue Goldstone 
  • Happiness – Citrine 
  • Harmony – Sodalite 
  • Hope – Leopardskin Jasper 
  • Intuition – Amethyst 
  • Kundalini Activation – Serpentinite
  • Love – Rose Quartz 
  • Magical – Labradorite 
  • Magnetism – Tiger Jasper 
  • Manifestation – Citrine 
  • Motivation – Carnelian 
  • Order – Blue Quartz 
  • Peace – Lepidolite 
  • Perseverance – Yellow Jasper 
  • Power – Smoky Quartz 
  • Protection – Black Tourmaline 
  • Power – Lodolite 
  • Stability – Hematite 
  • Steadfast – Black Jasper 
  • Strength – Black Onyx 
  • Survival – Red Tiger’s Eye 
  • Transformation – Ametrine 
  • Truth – Amazonite 
  • Unification – Emerald 
  • Vitality – Garnet 
  • Wholeness – Green Quartz 
  • Wisdom – Chevron Amethyst



More meditation room tips

Here are some more ways that you can improve your meditation room and enjoy the many benefits that various meditation décor provides:

  • Aromatherapy: Using aromatic scents can clear your mind and boost your mood.
    •  Incense: Incense has long been incorporated into spiritual practices throughout the world. Here are some different types of incense and how they can improve your meditation.
      • Indian:  India is a major producer of natural incense. Most Indian incense emanates incredibly potent aromatic scents that help you meditate more effectively. Nag Champa is one of the most popular Indian incense scents and is a mixture of a variety of spices, dried flowers, and wood powders.
      • Tibetan: Tibet is another country that creates wonderful incense varieties. Try frankincense or myrrh incense, which has a spicy scent to help you free your mind so you can “let go.”
      • Palo Santo: Palo Santo is an aromatic wood that burns in a similar way to incense. This unique wood is frequently used in purification rituals, and it invites feelings of introspection and calm. When burning Palo Santo wood or incense, always make sure that your meditation room is properly ventilated.
    • Essential oils: Many essential oils have calming properties that make meditating better. Use an essential oil diffuser to fill the room with a calm, tranquil fragrance. Scents like lavender, rosemary, and ylang-ylang may help to clear the mind and reduce anxiety. Other essential oils that work well for meditation include patchouli, cedarwood, vetiver, and chamomile.


  • Meditation Music: Play soothing sounds while you meditate to help you relax and feel calmer. Look for music specially designed to help you meditate and feel tranquil. Avoid music with lyrics or harsh sounds and stick to instrumental music with a slow tempo with instruments like bells or piano to create a prime backdrop for meditation.
  • Singing bowls: Tibetan singing bowls produce a calming sound and are available in different notes, octaves, and frequencies. These bowls are usually made of metal or crystal and produce various tones based on their size, weight, and construction. Practice using a singing bowl to see what types of sounds you can create. Rub the rim of the bowl with a wooden mallet to create friction. This friction produces a sound called “resonance” that continues to play long after you’ve finished. Different singing bowls produce different chords, which create groups of notes that work in harmony to provide you with a soothing sound for meditation. Larger bowls will produce better resonance than smaller ones.
  • Positive affirmations: Affirmation stones are natural stones that have positive words or phrases carved into them. Use these stones in place of regular crystals whenever you meditate to improve your mindset and increase positive thoughts. You can also carry your affirmation stones with you to help you feel grounded and to provide you with a sense of calm whenever you’re feeling stressed. Make your own affirmation stone by painting your favorite words on them.



Remember these tips to help you design a Zen-filled meditation room. With the use of healing stones and crystals, your meditation experience will be better than ever. Be sure to choose the right crystal that will help you reach your mental, physical, and spiritual goals for a healthy and happy life. Remember to stay grounded, think positively, and try a few extra items to enhance meditation like incense, calming music, or a singing bowl. After a bit of practice and some powerful crystals, you might notice that your meditation sessions are becoming more effective at improving your life in a profound way.