When it comes to which projects a handyman is capable of, it is difficult to give a definitive answer as not all handymen are created equal. But, we are able to offer all the tools needed to check that you’re hiring the right professional for your project.


A Handyman is the best professional to hire, if you are either:

1. Looking for a professional to perform one or more odd jobs around your home.
This includes projects such as, shelf hanging, window repair or cabinet hardware installation.

2. You already have materials for your project.
For example, if you are installing new flooring in your home, you may find that specific flooring contractors will have vendors that they work with for supplies. In this case, you may be better off hiring a good handyman to do the install if you have already purchased the materials. This is the case for door/window replacement as well.

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What projects shouldn’t a Handyman do?




In most states, these types of projects require specific licenses. If the professional does not hold the correct licensing, their work may not be covered by their contracting insurance nor your home insurance.

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If you have a larger project, do you need a General Contractor?

If you have a project that isn’t particularly small or specialist and you are unsure if a general contractor or handyman would be the best fit, consider the cost of the project. Bruce Morse from Remodel Seattle suggests that “if your project is projected to cost under $10,000 then a handyman will be the best fit”.

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Does your Handyman need a license?

This is on a state-by-state basis but generally a handyman will not require a license if the project is under $1,000. If your project costs more than this, check their license information against your state requirements. You can do this online by searching for “contractors board” in your state or by calling Porch’s Homeowner Support Team on (855) 494-5972.

Once you’ve decided what kind of professional is going to be best for your project.

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