Vivint’s home security company protects more than a million customers in the U.S. and Canada.

The company is a smart home security provider that has both security and energy management products. It is considered to be a premium service for home security, and it has a lot of high-tech options and features in its plans.

The company has professionally monitored wireless home security systems, which are monitored 24 hours a day, and the equipment comes with a lifetime warranty. The company has a full array of smart home devices, all of which work together to protect the home from everything from floods and fires to burglary.

Vivint has several financing and monitoring options available, which make its systems more accessible than those from other companies. The company creates its own equipment and is usually one of the first to introduce new technology to the market.

What Makes Vivint Stand Out from the Crowd?

If you’re someone who’s looking to not only protect your home, but to also have the latest technology, Vivint is a great choice. There is no other security provider on the market that does a better job at pairing smart home features with 24/7 professional monitoring.

The equipment from Vivint is contemporary and sleek, and it looks fantastic in a modern home. The company offers features like doorbell cameras, voice recognition, video cameras, and even two-way voice communication.

They also offer an innovative SkyControl panel, which is a built-in feature offering two-way voice communication. Vivint has also recently introduced the Smart Home Panel that can support as many as six security cameras and a smart home hub.

Professional Plans for Home Monitoring

All of the plans from Vivint offer important features including mobile access, which allows you to control your system via your smart phone, and medical alert support. If you want to use Vivint’s cameras with your system, including outdoor, indoor, and doorbell cameras, you have to choose the top-tier plan, which is the only one with camera support.

The plans from Vivint are comparatively priced and range from $29.99 to $39.99 each month, plus $5 per month for every camera you add.

The two options from Vivint are broken down like this:

  • Smart Security – This is a basic home protection package, which starts at $29.99 per month for monitoring plus financing for equipment, or you can purchase the equipment upfront.
  • Smart Home – This is full home protection including both burglary and environmental protection, and home automation. It starts at $39.99 per month for monitoring plus the financing of equipment, or you can purchase the equipment upfront.

Keep in mind that you will pay more for a plan from Vivint than you will from a DIY security company like SimpliSafe. However, when you look at all of the monitoring companies out there, Vivint’s costs are pretty middle of the road.

If you want to have access to all of the amazing smart-home gadgets that can integrate with the Vivint systems, then you need to choose the Smart Home or Smart Home Video plan. Even if you choose the most affordable routs, you still get the top-of-the-line Vivint equipment and you can use the mobile app.

Features of Vivint Systems

We really think it’s great the Vivint allows access to the mobile app on the cheapest plan. You would think that getting access to the app is automatic, but there are plenty of companies that make you choose higher-level, and more expensive, plans before you get access to it.

The Pros of Vivint Home Systems

  • Totally wireless
  • Modern, sleek equipment
  • Same-day installation is available
  • Lifetime full warranty
  • Mobile app with remote access
  • Two-way voice doorbell camera
  • Outdoor and indoor video cameras
  • Landline and cellular connections
  • Home automation
  • Environmental disaster protection
  • Customizable systems
  • Many features
  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Amazing customer service
  • Exceptional video quality
  • Free installation from a pro
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Versatile contracts
  • Amazon Echo voice control
  • Month-to-month contracts are available

The Cons of Vivint Home Systems

  • Professional installation is required
  • Must sign a long-term contract
  • Higher than average monthly cost
  • Short introductory trial
  • High cost to get started
  • Must hide some power cords with tracks
  • Difficult to integrate with third-party products
  • $99 moving fee

Available Equipment and Component Packages

If you have the money to buy the necessary equipment upfront, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck in a contract. Keep in mind, however, that the equipment from Vivint is a little expensive, and it requires pro installation. Instead of giving clients the same type of equipment that other companies offer, Vivint makes its own. This is one of the big reasons why we think the higher prices are worth the cost. Additionally, there is a no-contract option, which further makes it a good value.

The basic home security package begins at $39.99 each month, and there is no equipment nor activation fee. Though this is a low fee for monthly monitoring, the basic package does not come with everything. You get one touchscreen control panel, your choice of door or window sensors, and you get a single motion sensor. If you want to add equipment to the package, or add home automation, the price will jump up to $50 or $60 each month. Vivint doesn’t list specifics online, so if you want exact pricing, you will have to call customer service.

Security Cameras

Vivint has both indoor and outdoor cameras in addition to a doorbell camera. You can also live-stream the feed to the mobile app and save it for future viewing. Storage capabilities are included with the monitoring plans for Vivint clients who have video security options. The unit, known as Space Monkey, holds up to 1 TB of data, and the videos are automatically backed up.

You can add up to six cameras to the monitoring plan, but it costs an additional $5 per month per additional camera.

This is a lot of cameras to add to your system, but the Smart Hub control panels helps to streamline bandwidth so you can have additional cameras with less slowdown. You can also greet visitors without getting up, stop answering the door for salesmen, and see when your Amazon package arrives.

Bundled Systems from Vivint

There are three packages that you can choose from when you sign up for a Vivint plan:

  • The Home Security System Package
  • The Video Security Package
  • The Smart Complete Package

After choosing the package, you also have to choose the monitoring plan.

Basic Home Security System – Starts at $29.99 per month

If you choose the basic home security package from Vivint, you get all of the basics necessary to protect your home. You get the SkyControl Panel, which is a touchscreen device offering two-way audio. This allows you to speak with a monitoring specialist if an emergency occurs. The cost of this package is $709.98.

It includes:

  • SkyControl Panel
  • Smoke Detector
  • Two Motion Sensors

Video Security Package – Starts at $29.99 per month

The Video Security Package from Vivint gives you the ability to monitor both the interior and exterior of your house with security cameras. The doorbell cam allows you to see and even interact with anyone who comes to the door, and the outdoor cam allows you to view a live feed whenever it detects activity. The cost of this package is $1,379.95.

It includes:

  • SkyControl Panel
  • Two Motion Sensors
  • Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Mobile App

Smart Complete Package – Starts at $29.99 per month

This package is the biggest one that Vivint offers, and it has climate control, garage door controls, door lock controls, and other smart home features. It is perfect for people who want the full spectrum in one package. You can buy this package for $1,789.92.

It includes:

  • SkyControl Panel
  • Two Motion Sensors
  • Outdoor and Indoor Cameras
  • Doorbell Camera
  • Mobile App
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Garage Opener
  • Smart Door Lock with Deadbolt

You can also add specific components for an additional price:

Add for $50 extra:

  • Water Sensor
  • Door and Window Sensors
  • 4 Button Key Fob Remote
  • Panic Button

Add for $100 extra:

  • Motion Sensor
  • Smoke Detector
  • Glass-break Detector
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Wireless Glass Break Detector
  • Garage Door Controller and Sensor
  • Infrared Motion Sensor

Add for $150 to $200 extra:

  • Vivint Indoor Camera
  • Vivint Thermostat
  • Kwikset Smart Lock

Add for $200 to $300 extra:

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera
  • Vivint Smart DVR
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera
  • Vivint Smart Drive Storage
  • Outdoor 1080p Wi-Fi Security Camera
  • Nest Thermostat Thermostat
  • Vivint Doorbell Camera

Add for $400 extra:

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
  • SkyControl Panel Control

Landline and Cellular Options

Many home security companies offer only cellular connections for monitoring. In fact, Vivint home security is totally cellular, which is a highly effective and secure connection. However, if you are in a rural area, this might not work for you.

Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors

When setting up the motion sensors, it is important that you tell the installer about your pets. There are two sensitivity settings on the Vivint motion detectors: one for pets that weigh less than 40 pounds and one for pets up to 80 pounds. It is recommended that the motion detectors are mounted high up on the walls so that pets don’t trip them.

Flood, Fire, and Leak Detection

The basic kit from Vivint includes the touchscreen panel, plus you can choose from six smart sensors – motion detectors, door/window sensors, smoke detectors, flood/freeze detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, or glass break detectors.

Video Surveillance

Vivint offers both indoor and outdoor models in addition to a doorbell cam.

Home Automation

No other security company out there does a better job of pairing 24/7 professional monitoring with smart home automation. This company makes it easy to automate many things in the house including

Vivint makes it super easy to automate just about anything in your house. It uses a radio frequency called Z-Wave, which many other smart home devices use. So, you can add other third-party devices to your Vivint system.

  • View from Anywhere – With Vivint systemcaneras, you can watch your home from anywhere. You also get motion detection, night vision, and two-way communication capabilities.
  • Smart Locks –The Vivint smart lockscontrol who has access to your home, even if you are across town or across the world.
  • Energy Savings –Save money with the Element Smart Thermostat from Vivint. This system learns your habits, and then adapts itself to your needs.
  • Garage Door Security –Vivint allows you to know if you pulled away without closing the door, or you can close the garage door from anywhere via the app.

The Vivint Mobile App and Online Dashboard

The mobile app, called the Sky app, allows you to watch your home 24/7 from anywhere. You can watch live video from your cameras, or you can arm or disarm your system. On top of this, it is user friendly and apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

Activation and Installation

There is no activation fee associated with the Vivint system, but there is an installation fee. This ranges from about $50 to $200. The Vivint home security system is totally wireless, which makes installation simple and fast. However, only a professional can do the installation, which is a bit inconvenient, especially if you have a job.

There are, however, advantages to having a professional set up your system. First, you don’t have to worry about if it is installed right or not. Additionally, since you have a Vivint representative in the house, you can ask any questions you might have, and they can teach you how to operate it correctly. The installers can also take a look at your property and let you know if there are any areas that look vulnerable, and explain everything fully, so that you can make educated decisions.

Contracts and the Cancellation Process

There are different contract lengths that Vivint offers. You can choose a month-to-month contract, a 42-month contract, or a 60-month contract.

It is easy to cancel your Vivint plan. The company wants to do all that it can to keep its subscribers, so they will do everything they can to make any issues better. If you do want to cancel, you can buy out your contract, and it is easily done.

Customer Service from Vivint

The customer service you get from Vivint is actually done by Vivint employees. This might sound like an odd thing to say, but many security companies do not have this and outsource instead. So, you can rest assured that the people you are speaking to are actual Vivint employees and not a random person.

Vivint Warranties

There is a 120-day warranty from Vivint that ensures its equipment including the doorbell camera, smoke detector, outdoor camera, and motion detector. After the warranty is over, Vivint will replace or repair the equipment for a small, $45 service fee.

Additionally, you can choose a Premium Service Plan, which will extend the warrant for the duration of your contract. In this case, if you add a third-party device, like the Google Nest thermostat, it is also covered.

Vivint vs. Other Home Security Companies

When you compare Vivint to other companies, you will see that Vivint certainly stands out. Let’s take a look at Vivint vs. ADT. Most people have heard of ADT, as it is a huge conglomerate that uses random providers for all of their sales, installation, customer support, and equipment. Vivint makes sure that everything is done in-house, and everyone you will work with actually works with Vivint.

Vivint and ADT offer similar plans, but the Vivint plans are more affordable by about $10 a month. That really adds up over the year.

Vivint Home Security FAQs

Do You Have to Sign a Contract?
You do not have to sign a contract when you sign up with Vivint. However, if you do not sign a contract, you must buy all of your equipment upfront. If you sign a contract for 42 or 60 months, however, you can pay for the equipment over time.

Does Vivint Offer a Money-Back Guarantee?
No. Vivint does not offer a money-back guarantee.

Is Professional Installation Required?
You cannot install Vivint on your own. An installation professional will come to your home to install the system and make sure that it works correctly.

Are Vivint Yard Signs or Decals Available?
Yes, Vivint customers get signs to show that they have a security company monitoring the home.

Do Vivint and Nest Integrate?
Yes…and no. Vivint does integrate with the Nest thermostat, but Google Nest Secure does not use Z-Wave technology, so you cannot use the Nest camera, only the thermostat.

Does Vivint Work with Google Home and Alexa?
Yes, both Google Home and Amazon Alexa integrate with Vivint.

Final Comments

With Vivint, everything you do is totally customizable, and there is not a home security solution out there that is more high-tech. However, this higher-end equipment does come with a cost, and you must get it professionally installed.

Vivint is a popular choice for people who want advanced automation with a professionally installed system. Several years ago, Vivint had some odd sales practices, which put a black mark on its reputation. However, things have changed, and now the company is mostly known for its high-tech devices. If you don’t mind signing a long-term contract and paying for your equipment, Vivint is a great choice.

The monthly fee for Vivint is comparable to other companies doing the same thing, so you won’t be paying too much for constant protection. However, if you are on a strict budget, or you are a DIY-er, Vivint might not be right for you.

See how Vivint compares in our ranking of the Best Home Security Systems of 2020.