Your home is the place where you share your most personal and intimate space. So learning to balance and bring positive energy to your space could benefit you by creating a brighter and happier atmosphere for your well-being. Adding certain elements and introducing them to your home could be a beneficial way to increase the frequency of the atmosphere in your home. Most might not know, but you can make your home your temple of peace and tranquility, your safe place where you can feel free and creative. 

What is cosmic energy, and how does it work? 

Cosmic energy is a big concept. It essentially involves everything in our world, how we interact with those elements, and their effects on us, including nature. The idea is that everything that is composed of molecules, so that is to say, literally everything, moves at a certain vibration due to the type of molecules it’s made of. This vibration is energy, and how all of those different types of energies interact can profoundly impact our lives and surroundings. 

It’s similar in some ways to the idea that the moon must affect the human body because it rules the tides, and we consist of up to 60% water. Being made of so much of something controlled by the moon makes sense that we would be affected, too. Cosmic energy employs a similar idea — if energy is everywhere, all the time, then it has to be able to affect our mood, health, outlook, and everything in-between.

Elements to Clean Your Home’s Energy

There are different types of elements that can help you clean the energy in your house. An example is sage or bringing plants into your home. It can also be burning incense, using essential oils, or bringing crystals into your home. The elements you feel comfortable using or get a sense of wanting to use are a good starting point for most people; we say this because intuition plays a big part in creating the accurate energy for you. As you get to know these elements by experimentation and trying them at home, they will naturally start to be part of your everyday life. Also, as time passes and you get a sense of change and well-being, and you feel that they helped you cope when those hard times are showing up in your life.  All these elements can be experienced by all five senses like your smell, touch, and sight.


Altars are sacred spaces made up of objects placed in a certain way and in a unique space. Choose objects that inspire the feeling or state of being you are looking for. You can include elements that connect with the smell, sound, or touch. These could be candles, incense, a living plant, or even a vision board of what you would like to have in your life. Think about that and know that It’s just for you — it’s someplace that your eyes can rest on to give your mind moments of joy, peace, focus, and inspiration in a busy world.  

For a basic altar, gather your supplies, choose a location where you know you can spend a long time like to be able to meditate and that you see often. Make sure you put it in the direction of the East as it is connected to good health and well-being. Place your items in a sacred way and give thanks for the beauty that it represents. 


The act of burning incense for spiritual purposes has been in our history for centuries as they have a lot of benefits and help to connect with our inner self and cleanse and purify the energy around us. The incense is formed by plant matter which is burned for aromatic or spiritual purposes. They have many forms like small cones and palo santo. 

You can cleanse energy by burning an herb, sage, and palo santo; these are some of the most popular elements you might hear of.  Just think about Native Americans. We all have seen a movie with a native person burning some type of sage or concoction of herbs. There are many different types of incense and ways to burn it — you can even make your own at home from herbs and grasses that you collect with a bit of research and a keen eye while you’re out walking.


Crystals have long been used to concentrate energies for specific purposes like improving peace in your life, gathering wealth, banishing negative emotions, meditating, and boosting focus.

It’s believed that each type of crystal imparts a different benefit due to its unique molecular structure, color or chakra, and other properties. Crystal healing is a big topic with tons of resources available out there — here are a few of our favorites:


Amethyst is the stone of spirituality because its violet color represents the color of the crown chakra — the connection you have with all of consciousness, with everything.

White and Pink Quartz

Rose and pink quartz are popular choices to bring love, kindness, and gentleness into your life and cleansing energy. Pink quartz is associated with the heart chakra and helps soften your heart and helps bring in love and kindness; the white quartz cleanses and purifies any negative energy.

Tiger’s Eye

This gorgeous stone is used for clarity, courage, and luck. It’s connected with our root and sacral chakras, which is where we blend earth with the sun and connect each within our bodies. 


At first glance, you might be tempted to pass over obsidian in favor of brighter, more colorful stones. This subtle beauty is a powerful representation of darkness cutting through to find the light and can be used for reassurance under challenging times, calming anxiety, and building strength.


Another essential element in designing your home to harness cosmic energy is the plants you choose to bring inside your home. We all have heard that it’s a general concept that having plants in your home makes your home feel more inviting and warm. Some plants have unique properties like Bamboo for luck and Jasmine that help soothe a troubled mind. 

Did you know that Eucalyptus plants are also thought to be excellent at absorbing negative energy like a sponge, in addition to their lovely smell and usefulness in your home? With their coin-shaped leaves, Chinese money plants are supposed to help bring good financial luck to your home, and basil has long been considered the holy plant (not to mention great as a garnish)!


Candles, like crystals, can be used to connect each chakra by its colors. For example, if you want to stimulate your heart chakra, you might burn a pink or red candle and have rose quartz next to it. Candles can also be used to bring light to places in your mind that need enlightenment, or they can be used to burn away emotions and feelings you are having a hard time processing.  


Essential oils often go hand-in-hand with candles, and you can use them just for the scent they bring or delve into their therapeutic uses. They are often used in meditation. Anyone that has gone to a spa may have experienced a masseuse rubbing an essential oil into their palms and offering you to inhale before the massage therapy begins.  

Little by little when you start exploring the world of healing through alternative methods you will see that there are a lot of options out there that could help you create a high-quality atmosphere for yourself and the space where you live.  There are some other options like Feng Shui and Numerology for your home. Numbers like your birthday, and your address could tell you more of yourself to get to know more insights and learn from the signs that exist within you.

Find the perfect spot for working with energy in your house

Now that you are more familiar with some of the elements you can use for your home; you can use them to improve your vibrations and energies. Take so time to go to each space of your home and ask yourself how each place feels and if you feel like you want the energy to change.  If that is the case then you can add some incense to that room or area or you can place a plant in that area. This is where we say intuition plays a role in what you want to try out or feel like you need to do.

Your bedroom

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, and they should not only be aesthetically pleasing sanctuaries but also places that heal us. Using positive cosmic energy in your bedroom can be as simple as putting some calming crystals, like jade and rose quartz, in strategic places throughout your bedroom. 

You could also set up an altar to help inspire you every time you wake up in the morning. You can add candles when you feel like meditating, incense or essential oils are very good to have by your side every time you feel like you want to fill your heart with the fragrance and calmness. 

Your backyard

Help block negative energies before they can even get into your home by using crystals at each main corner of your property or building. Doing this creates a grid of protection around your space. You can also do this in a specific room if an extra boost is needed. Black tourmaline is a popular choice for this — it’s inexpensive and will stand up well to the elements if you choose to put it outside.

You could also use palo santo in your backyard, in the entrance, or all over your house if you felt like a person had a negative frequency, like neighbors or guests. Palo santo is used to clean up the energy. 

The Kitchen

Our kitchens are often the heart of our homes, a carry-over from when most kitchens had fireplaces and were the epicenter of life and activity in all homes. Today, we organize our lives differently, but a kitchen is still a place full of life and energy. This is particularly true if you have a lot of natural light and fresh herbs in your kitchen. If your kitchen has little natural light, this might be a great place to start with a home reno project. If you feel ambitious and have the budget. Adding new windows to let the sunlight in is excellent for your home’s energy, not to mention your resale value.

Since crystals are so beautiful, they’re easy to work into your home decor. When shopping for crystals to incorporate into your home design, keep in mind smaller retailers that sell on marketplaces like Etsy.

Living room

With so much time spent in the living room, you want it to be a place that feels warm, welcoming, and positive. The living room will be the first impression for many guests in your home once they pass the entryway.

Make intentional use of candles in your living room for a welcoming touch while keeping negative energy away — also a great place to consider creating an altar. Don’t get scared away by the word ‘altar’ — in this case, an altar is just a space where you purposefully collect things that you love and bring you happiness and joyful thoughts. If you have vacation memories like shells, sand, or keepsakes and have them grouped, that’s an altar!

Asking the experts

What are the benefits to integrate crystals into the home?

Crystals are much more than awesome esthetic pieces that can beautify your home. They also act as subtle energy management tools, depending on your objective. You could use hematite in your bedroom to encourage grounding. Amethyst soothes anxiety and stress, so why not place it in the living room? And apophyllite, for example, can raise the vibes in any room. There are no limits to how you can use crystals to uplift the energy in your home.
Eugene – Spirit Animal Dreams

Other ways to use Crystals

Gemstone crystals are often used in jewelry to aid in meditation and improve focus, stability and increase harmony in oneself. Precious and semi-precious gemstones have long been used as protective talismans, and are believed to help improve confidence and compassion. When used appropriately, crystals may help with past life recall and can cleanse chakras in order to improve personal and spiritual balance.
Suzanne – ZERXZA

If you take some time to be intentional with how energy flows into and out of your home, you’ll notice that you can modify it and channel it.  With small things like making an altar on a shelf in your living room, you’ll give yourself a reason to smile each time you look at it, and since cosmic energy is changed by even the smallest of things, a daily smile and positive thought goes a long way!