As the weather gets cooler and we turn towards our interior homes there is nothing like cozying up inside your warm bedroom. Are you looking to turn your bedroom into a cozy sanctuary? Decorate with fall elements. Fall is filled with beautiful décor and colors that can transform a space. It is the perfect time to incorporate earth tones into your home decor. Whether you want a bold look or a subdued one, fall décor elements will not disappoint. Follow these excellent tips to make your bedroom a haven for relaxation.

Make Your Bed Comfy with Colorful Bedding

Your bed is probably the most prominent feature in your bedroom so it is as good a place to start as any. Substitute your current bedding with colorful linen bedding. Linen is soft to the touch and has a texture that is lovely. Down comforters, wool blankets, and organic cotton sheets feel wonderful in layers. Consider giving guest rooms a layering of bedding to ensure the fall nights are comfortable and cozy.

Add Natural Elements

Natural and organic objects can complete a room. Look for elements with interesting shapes and textures. You can add strings of leaves, raffia, twisted branches, or even a bowl of ripe apples or gourds can transform your fall bedroom. Hang the strings on your windows or scatter some leaves on your chest of drawers. Place the miniature pumpkins on different surfaces in your bedroom. To make sure they don’t rot, squeeze lemon juice on them.

Gelotte Hommas

Image credit: Gelotte Hommas

Use Natural Objects as Art

Wall art doesn’t have to be made by an artist or bought from a store. You can use natural objects to make your own art. Not only will you save money, you will personalize your bedroom with unusual décor. You can hang a twisty branch on the wall behind your bed or frame dried winter leaves and display them. Making art from natural objects will bring out your inner artist.

Embrace Natural Motifs

It goes without saying that natural objects embody natural décor. However, not all people love natural décor. If leaves, pumpkins, and branches aren’t your thing, consider natural motifs. They will give your bedroom a natural feel and add a layer of sophistication. Get pillows, coverlets, curtains, and rugs with natural motifs to make your room a more pleasant place to relax.

Siemasko Verbridge bedroom

Image: Siemasko+Verbridge

Hang Fall-Inspired Draperies

To make your bedroom warmer, remove light-weight window treatments and replace them with heavier draperies. You can choose colors like yellow, orange, brown, and red. Choose window treatments in a color that works well with the rest of the room. If you are good at sewing, you can make your own fall draperies. The good news is that you’ll have unique and personalized curtains.

Winter is almost here and with it comes chilly weather. It is important to prepare your favorite room in advance. Make your bedroom the perfect spot to relax with a good book or a cup of cocoa. While you may not be able to make drastic changes in the room, you can make small ones that transform it into a cozy and inviting place. Use these great ideas to create a bedroom that reflects your personal design style and the changing of the seasons.

Top image credit: Gelotte Hommas