Sometimes removing a trash bag from the garbage can feels like a wrestling match. It might feel like you’ve filled the bag with bricks, or over stuffed it, causing the bag to feel “stuck” within the can. It’s not the fault of what you’ve put into the bag – it’s air pressure. When a trash bag is filled and still in the garbage can, the sides of the bag create air pressure within the can, causing it to feel stuck. Using our simple trick, you’ll relieve the air pressure and have a much easier time on trash day.

Step 1: Tape over the side of the trash can

Using removable painter’s tape, place a piece of tape over the area of the can you’d like to drill the hole.

Step 2: Drill into the trash can

You only need one hole however, you may find that two holes relieves the air pressure more quickly. Use a power drill for a quick job. Remove the tape when you are done drilling the hole.

Now you’re done!