If you own your home, it’s important to keep it well-maintained to avoid dealing with constant repairs. Not only is your home one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make, but it’s also a place where you and your family should feel comfortable and safe. If you’re curious about the condition of your home, there are several “green flags” to be aware of. These are signs that your home is in good overall condition and indicate that you shouldn’t need to worry about shelling out a lot of cash for major repairs. Read on for the top 10 signs that your home is in good shape, so you can be confident that your abode is in excellent condition.


Top 10 Things that Say Your Home is in Good Shape


1. Your HVAC System Runs Smoothly

Your home requires a well-running HVAC system to keep the indoor temperature nice and comfortable. If everything is working as designed, it’s a sign that your home is in great shape. Some indicators that your HVAC system is operating as it should include:

  • The system doesn’t need to turn on often. This is a sign that it can maintain a consistent temperature inside your home, whether it’s winter or summer.
  • It doesn’t take too long for your HVAC system to bring a room to the desired temperature, which means that all components are in good working order.
  • Your HVAC system runs quietly and doesn’t make a lot of noise. This means that the compressor and motor are running smoothly and that all moving parts are operating efficiently.

If your home’s indoor temperature is relatively consistent without many fluctuations, it likely means that your home’s HVAC system is doing its job. However, if it needs constant repairs, it could be time to replace the entire system.


2. Your energy bills and electricity bills are consistent

Energy bills that don’t fluctuate are a good sign that your home is in excellent shape. If your electricity bill is nearly the same every month, it could mean:

  • Doors and windows are well-insulated and sealed properly, which means that air is not escaping through the cracks.
  • A consistent energy bill also means that your air conditioner and heater are working normally.

When your bills are close to the same each month, it likely means that your home is adequately insulated and that all of your appliances are working well.



3. The Wood Floors are Quiet

Creaky and squeaky floors can be a sign that something is wrong. If your hardwood flooring is nice and quiet, then they’re probably in great shape.

  • Quiet wood floors show that there’s no termite infestation or problems with wood-eating pests.
  • If the floors aren’t noisy when you walk on them, it means that the floors are installed correctly, and there are no loose boards that can cause a loud creaking sound.
  • A squeaky door may also indicate that your floors are uneven or that the door frame is loose or uneven.

Noisy floors can cause various problems, including issues with your foundation or uneven subfloors that need to be repaired or replaced. If you have wood floors and they’re nice and quiet, your home is in great shape.


4. Your Monthly Water Bills are Relatively the Same Amount

Just like your energy bills, consistent water bills mean that your plumbing is in good condition.

  • Water bills that come in at the same amount or close to the same total every month are an indication that your plumbing is in great shape and free of leaks.
  • A fluctuating or high water bill could mean that your appliances or water heater are leaking or damaged. It may also mean that you have a leaky toilet or faucet.

If your water usage seems consistent, then it likely means all of your plumbing, water heater, and water-using appliances are operating as they should.


5. The Septic Tank is in Good Condition

If your home uses a septic tank, proper maintenance is vital. Here are some signs that your septic tank is in great shape.

  • You don’t notice any gurgling or bubbling noises coming from sinks, showers, or toilets.
  • There is no backup up of these systems, and the water seems to flow freely down drains without issue.
  • The outside drain field does not emit a foul odor, which means that your septic tank is working correctly, is not overfull, and doesn’t need to be pumped.


6. No Moisture Issues

Too much moisture can wreak havoc on a home, so the lack of moisture issues means that yours is in excellent condition.

  • If the ceiling in your bathrooms is not peeling, or you don’t notice any mold on the walls or elsewhere, the room is dry and adequately ventilated.
  • A ceiling with mold or a peeling wall means a serious moisture problem somewhere, so lack of these issues usually means that your home is in the clear.
  • Signs of black mold on the walls or anywhere else indicates that moisture is getting in from a pipe, a leaking appliance, or another source. Lack of moisture problems means that your home is nice and dry.


7. The Walls are Not Peeling

Peeling paint on your walls indicates an underlying problem in your home, usually attached to high humidity levels.

  • If the wall paint in your home is still in perfect condition, then the walls underneath the paint are in great shape.
  • The absence of visible stains and no signs of peeling paint means that your home’s humidity is likely kept at an optimal level.

In some cases, peeling paint on the walls means that the walls were not prepped correctly and that the paint was not applied the right way.


8. Your Pipes Don’t Make Any Noise

Quiet pipes and plumbing are a good sign that your home is in good shape.

  • Loud banging noises coming from pipes can indicate a problem with the water pressure or water flow.
  • Two of the most common causes of loud pipes are malfunctioning water hammers (which help control and regulate the pressure) and trapped air bubbles.

Shaking or rattling pipes may mean that they’re no longer attached to the walls or floors correctly. Most homes with older plumbing tend to experience this issue. If your pipes are nice and quiet, then your home is doing well in terms of plumbing.


9. There are no Puddles or Pooling Near the Foundation

Water that puddles near a home’s foundation are a serious indication that something is wrong. If you don’t see any pooling or puddling water here, then your home is in very good condition.

  • Most of the time, water that gathers near the foundation is caused by an issue with the joints in your gutters.
  • Pooling water may also indicate that the gutters are clogged, which is a quick and easy fix.

Check your gutters regularly to make sure they’re moving water away from your home. If you notice any water gathering near the foundation, it’s time to inspect the gutters and either clean them or replace the joints for a tight seal.


10. Your Roof Doesn’t Feel Warped or Soft When You Walk on It

When it comes to home maintenance, taking care of your roof is one of the most important things you can do to keep it in great shape. A warped roof is a serious problem that should be addressed right away.

  • If your shingles are all there and look to be in good condition, your roof is probably doing just fine. However, if you see any broken or missing shingles, it’s crucial to repair or replace them as soon as possible, as well as the underlayment of the roof. Noticeable damage or a soft roof and soft spots when you walk on it mean that you need to make repairs or contact a roofing professional right away.
  • Pay attention to the trees around your home and make sure that no branches extend over the roof.
  • If a branch breaks and falls on your roof, it could lead to serious and expensive damage.


Visible signs of green mildew may indicate that your roof isn’t correctly installed with flashing. As long as no signs of damage, mold, or softness are present, your roof is very likely in great shape and should last for years to come.


Taking good care of the major components of your home is extremely important to help you avoid making major repairs or dealing with damage. Always be aware of small signs and “red flags:” that your home might need repair so you can keep up with the “green flags”. These top 10 signs show that your home is in good shape, which means you have a well-built, safe, and secure place to enjoy living in for many years into the future.