From fixing a squeaky faucet to installing a new bathroom tub, there are many instances when you may need to hire a plumbing contractor. A professional is meant to relieve you of any work or stress that may come along with your plumbing project. In order for your project to run smoothly and successfully, it’s important you hire a professional you can trust to provide you with great service. If you find that your plumbing contractor is acting unprofessionally, know when it’s time to fire him or her.

Warning signs when hiring

Before you begin working with a professional, look for these signs that a plumbing contractor may cause more problems than fix them. Be cautious of contractors who:

  • Refuse to show you validation of business license or professional license
  • Lack proof of insurance (if required by your state)
  • Have no evidence of being bonded (if required by your state)
  • Seem to have glorified digital marketing but are scarce in references or previous work project history
  • Use high pressure sales techniques, such as changing the price from one conversation to the next or insisting that an estimate is a today-only offer.
  • Provide estimates much lower than average
  • Ask for cash only payment
  • Make excuses for not putting estimates or contracts in writing
  • Ask for full payment up front or demand 50% or more as a deposit
  • Don’t obtain necessary permits or abide by local building codes
  • Request payment be made in his or her personal name
  • Only will work in the evenings or weekends

These signs may seem like little things, but ultimately they could cause you big trouble if you don’t notice red flags from the beginning. Think twice before hiring someone showing any of these characteristics. There are other ways than listed that a contractor can try to game the system, so keep your eyes open and question if something doesn’t seem right. Hiring a plumber who is credible and trustworthy will relieve you of stress and ensure your home is provided with high quality work when it comes to your plumbing project.

When to fire your professional

Some warning signs may cause you to have judgment regarding the reliability of your hired professional, but there are some circumstances where you should not hesitate in firing. You will know it’s time to let your plumbing contractor go if you see any of the following:

Irresponsible behavior

Any actions by your contractor that put you, your family, your home or other parties involved at risk should not be tolerated. Behavior such as use of alcohol or drugs on the work site is cause for termination. Your home is a place where you and your family should feel safe and comfortable, so do not hesitate to end your partnership with a contractor who involves him or herself in dangerous behavior during your plumbing project. Not only should you fire a plumbing contractor who presents irresponsible behavior, you may also need to take things to the next level. Consider reporting him or her to the Better Business Bureau or you can file a report with the local authorities for fraudulent behavior, as well as the possibility of stealing or putting you, your family, and home in harm’s way.

Inconsistent work flow

Keeping your plumbing project on schedule is a key factor in the success of your remodel or repair. Although some home improvement projects can have flexible schedules or bounce around dates in order to be completed, a professional who makes constant changes in his or her work schedule is a red flag. If you find that your plumbing contractor fails to show up on scheduled work days or is consistently late, consider ending service with him or her as this will only continue to hurt you and your project.

Excessive excuses

Your hired professional is supposed to be an expert in his or her field of work. If you begin to notice that your plumbing contractor is creating more problems and failing to correct them, this may be reason enough for firing him or her. A contractor who appears disconnected or careless about actions during the duration of your project may mean that he or she isn’t putting 100% effort into fixing your repair. This can lead to malfunctioning appliances and shoddy work that will lead you to more repairs, meaning more money. Make sure your contractor is staying on track with plumbing tasks and not making excuses as to why something wasn’t done properly.

Refusal of signing a contract

Having a plumbing project contract in place is necessary in a wide range of cases, such as installing new bathroom fixtures or even just fixing a clogged drain. A contract is a legal agreement between you and your hired contractor regarding all details of the work that will be done. If your professional refuses to sign a contract, fails to sign one before beginning any work, or doesn’t follow the specific terms and conditions outlined in the agreement, it is not worth it to continue working with this professional.

Top Image Credit: Signature Design & Cabinetry