Dreaming of a quiet backyard retreat for this summer? How about a fully-decked out outdoor living space? Outdoor patios are perfect for extending your living space square footage during warm weather. Often patios are located just off of the home but sometimes a patio is located farther out in the yard. Patios can be covered or uncovered, generally have a stone or tile floor, and are situated on the ground (compared to decks which are generally elevated off the ground). Depending on your regional climate, a patio can be used throughout the summer. If your region is particularly hot or experiences lots of rain, a roof will ensure you can use this for many months on end.

When accessorizing your patio, it’s great if you can have enough furniture to allow for different functions and to accommodate your guests. You may want a dining area, seating area, as well as an area for outdoor cooking. Take a look at these spectacular patio ideas and get ready to be inspired!

Spanish-style patio

This large living room-style patio features a focal outdoor fireplace. The wrap around bench seating is perfect for hosting over flow guests when entertaining outside. The high stucco wall and mature trees envelope the patio and give it privacy as well as a sense of intimacy. The rustic colors pair nicely with the tile surrounding the fireplace.

Raised outdoor patio

This modern raised patio features a lot of concrete. However, the clever use of greenery like grass between the pavers as well as surrounding plants help soften the monochromatic look. This patio suits many purposes for the homeowner. The dining table is nice and long and can double as a buffet when hosting parties outdoors. The long concrete fireplace has a deep ledge which makes it more or less a cocktail table as well as a fire pit. Ottomans and benches can easily be moved around when entertaining.

Colorful covered patio

A patio like this, situated just off of the family room, extends the living area for this family all-year long. A roof over a patio allows for overhead lighting in addition to protection from the weather. The exterior fireplace adds heat as well as a sense of intimacy and the patio provides a central gathering place outdoors. The fun vintage pieces found throughout the home are extended outside, making this area truly feel part of the home.

A colorful covered patio by Gretchen Evans Design

A playful covered patio by Gretchen Evans Design

Outdoor pavilion

An outdoor pavilion is a protected outdoor space that can be used for entertaining, dining, or recreation. Situated between the main house and the pool, this pavilion serves as a shaded spot for eating and relaxing. A built-in bench along the long fireplace wall can accommodate many guests and the open design provides views onto the entire property.

Outdoor cafe-style patio

This tropical home has the luxury of a large outdoor patio, with several zones. This area features a long buffet with built-in sink and under counter refrigeration, perfect for eating and entertaining outdoors. A slight overhang above the buffet has directed lighting which helps when using this space at night, as well as outdoor speakers for music. The cafe-style furniture is certainly different from the usual outdoor dining table. But having a few small seating areas creates an informal outdoor area; modern plants complete the look.

Serene backyard patio

This covered backyard patio has a unique drapery design which when drawn, protects the patio from too much rain or sun. When closed, the drapery adds a familiar indoor quality and adds softness despite the stone flooring. Other indoor touches like a dining table, sofa, and decorative accents make this patio feel like another indoor room. Great landscaping along the fence softens the edges and draw the eyes outward.

Colorful conversation patio

This adventurous and colorful backyard retreat is filled with sculptural elements that pair well with the sleek and modern architecture. A wrap-around concrete bench is soften with plush purple cushions and rests next to a cozy fireplace. A formal chandelier is juxtaposed next to a wood and steel ceiling. Lush containers soften the lines of the floor and concrete columns and helps welcome guests to the sunken conversation pit.

Poolside Patio

This home exemplifies the enviable indoor-outdoor living that you can only have in warm-weather regions. In fact, it’s difficult to tell where the outdoor spaces actually end, especially with this wrap around pool patio design. Ceiling fans, outdoor speakers, and plenty of light enable these homeowners to comfortably live outside (hidden screens drop from the ceiling when bugs are bad). Separate entertaining zones on this patio are as spacious as the indoor rooms and furniture is designed for comfort, style, and outdoor weather.


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