Home maintenance is an essential part of your daily routine, but it’s not always pleasant, and it may even be something you dread with a passion. Fortunately, hard-working robots can help you get everyday tasks done faster, better, and potentially for less, letting you enjoy more time living in your abode instead of keeping it up. 

1. Tertill ($249) 

Made by Franklin Robotics, Tertill is a weeding robot that lives in and roams around your garden. It’s solar-powered and rainproof, so you can keep it outdoors and turn it on when the garden needs tending. Proprietary algorithms help Tertill find as many weeds as it can while avoiding large plants. 

2. Pyle Pure Clean Smart Robot Vacuum Sweeper Cleaner ($93.99) 

Ideal if you want an automatic floor cleaner for under $100, this robotic room cleaner from Pyle has three operating modes, allowing you to choose its running time. It also includes built-in obstacle-detection technology and works without a bag, so you can just sit back and let the robot move around your house without hassle. Due to its low-profile design, this robot even slides under furniture. 

3. Winbot 850 ($349) 

This product from Ecovacs Robotics frees you from the tiresome task of cleaning windows by using a four-stage process to achieve a streak-free shine. The Winbot 850 adapts to various kinds of glass and uses an automatic cleaning path depending on the shape of the window to thoroughly cover all surfaces and remove debris. It also comes with a safety suction pod and tether, both of which prevent falls even if the robot detaches from the surface. 

4. SpinX Toilet Cleaner ($349) 

No one likes cleaning the toilet, but the SpinX takes care of it automatically in only 90 seconds. It has a robotic arm with a rotating brush that cleans the bowl, plus water jets that cleanse the seat. Compressed air dries the area where people sit, readying it for its next use. This product quickly installs onto the toilet and fits round or elongated toilet types. 

5. Mirra Pool Cleaner from iRobot ($999.99) 

A pool is a great way to cool off in hot weather, but it’s not always easy to clean. Fortunately, the Mirra makes maintenance a breeze. It works underwater and removes all the debris you see, as well as the stuff you can’t — including bacteria. It leaves behind refreshing, sanitary water. The Mirra detects the best mode to use when cleaning, taking the guesswork out of the equation. A lift-out debris trap lets you easily dispose of leaves and anything else the Mirra comes across. 

6. Litter-Robot III Open Air ($449.00) 

If you wait too long to clean the litter box, the resulting stench makes your procrastination obvious. However, this robot for pet-friendly homes automatically cleans the litter after each use. An automatic sifter separates clean litter from soiled particles, then puts the latter into a waste drawer for easy disposal. An indicator shows when it’s time to empty a full-waste drawer. 

7. Grillbot Grill Cleaning Robot ($89.95) 

Fitted with numerous dishwasher-safe brushes that remove debris, the Grillbot cleans a grill for 10-30 minutes after a user places it on the grates and closes the grill’s lid. An illuminated timer and alarm show the amount of time left on the clock and indicate the end of the cleaning cycle.  

8. iRobot Braava jet 240 ($199.99) 

Sparkling floors look great, but they can take lots of labor to achieve — until now. Ideal for small spaces such as your bathroom, this robot saves you from the tediousness of mopping. Unlike floor cleaners that only use brushes, this one also uses wetness to tackle caked-on materials. It remembers obstacles in its path and carefully steers around them, then returns to its starting point and automatically shuts off after finishing a cleaning session. 

Maybe you’re looking to streamline your cleaning practices in 2018 and beyond, or perhaps you want a home-maintenance product for a family member who’s elderly or disabled and can’t easily handle certain everyday tasks without help. In either of those cases and many others, these robots help. They prove that keeping your home in top shape is no longer so laborious. After trying these tech tools, you’ll find that home upkeep becomes a more natural part of life.