Falls are prone to happen in and around the home, especially among the elderly. There are a number of things you can do to prevent falls that are caused by a variety of reasons, including poor eyesight or weakened muscles. Consider performing the following maintenance and repairs to prevent such falls from occurring.

Inside the Rooms

To secure rugs, make sure you use double-sided carpet tape. Move any kind of electrical and extension cords from visibility and keep exits and hallways free from blockage including toys and furniture. Make sure light switches and electrical outlets are easy to reach so family and friends do not have to perform movements in the dark. When necessary, and especially for young children, use nightlights.

Gelotte Hommas stairsStairs

Make sure your stairs are in good condition and consider putting handrails on both sides of stairways. Professionals suggest using rubber stair treads, or coated, skid-resistant surface treatment on non-carpeted stairs in one-inch intervals. If your stairs are covered with carpeting, make sure it is firmly attached along the stairs and there is no unraveling at the ends. If you do have wears and tears, do immediate repairs to worn or loose carpet. Remove those rugs that are the top or bottom of the stairways and always have easy to locate switches at the top and bottom of stairs.


Wipe up any spills promptly and avoid using floor wax. Remove any slippery area rugs.

sojo design bathtubBathroom

If your tub is slippery, put rubber bathmats in the tub. When purchasing a bathmat, look for suction cups on the bottom of the mat that will secure it to the floor.


When it comes to wet weather, it is very common for people to slip and fall outside. For the entryway leading to your home, make sure there is adequate lighting to get safely in and out of the house. If there are steep steps, install handrails to guide people. Keep all walking areas clear of branches, wet leaves, and rocks. If there is a winter storm approaching, make sure to purchase sand or salt to ice the walkways. If there is uneven pavement or potholes in the driveway, reach out to a professional about filling those gaps with concrete.

Top image credit: Prentiss Architects