If you’ve ever heard of the brand Nest, it’s probably thanks to the company’s popular thermostat. This isn’t surprising considering that this was the first product from the brand that entered into most homes.

Nest does more than just thermostats, though. The company, which is owned by Google, actually has a full range of products, including a home security system.

Thanks to the company’s experience in the smart home industry, it has developed a system that allows all of the pieces and parts to work together seamlessly. This allows customers to combine these parts to create a fully customized home security system.

Nest has a very strong focus on making its products user friendly, which includes the DIY installation and easy-to-manage devices. The hardware is clever and intuitive, and the company has very high reviews in regard to customer service.

What Home Automation Options Does Nest Have?

The Nest app allows customers to combine control of all their Nest devices together in a single place. Here, you can schedule changes, check reports and easily control the entire system. Plus, you can add or remove devices including the Nest Secure Kit, Nest Protect, or even cameras.

The products can talk to each other to protect the home during an emergency. For instance, the Nest thermostat can turn off the furnace if the Nest Protect system detects carbon monoxide or smoke.

One of the coolest devices that Nest has is the Nest Hello, which is a video doorbell. The Nest Hello takes an HD video each time anyone comes up to your door. It also allows you to speak with your visitors through the two-way audio feature.

What Makes Nest Stand Out from the Rest?

Nest put out its smart thermostat in 2011, and since then, it has come a long way. Now, the product lineup includes sensors, cameras, and other devices in addition to its thermostats.

Of course, we also have the Nest Secure system. The main part of the system, which is the Nest Guard, is not only very functional, but it also looks good. You can put it right at your front door or in the entryway, and you will love how it looks. The indicator lights around the device alert you to the status of the system, and you can also use the various buttons on the number pad to set your system to different modes.

The Nest Secure system is also incredibly easy to install, too, and the kit includes everything you want and need, and you don’t have to have any mechanical knowledge to set it up.

Here are some other features that make the Nest Home Security System stand out:

A Single, Easy to Use App

With the Nest Home Security System app, you can easily manage all of your equipment including those that do not fall under the Nest brand.

Quiet Open

The Quiet Open feature allows you to temporarily and easily deactivate a single sensor in the system. This allows you to open doors without triggering an alarm.

Intelligent Alerts

The Nest cameras are also very cool, and they are designed to actually learn the more you use them. With time, these cameras can even tell the difference between an intruder and a passing car.

In fact, all of the Nest equipment can learn different habits. For instance, the system can pick up on your schedule and know when you are normally home. This helps to limit any false alarms, which can be frustrating.


Both of the Nest Detect sensors and smoke detectors come with something called Pathlight technology. This activates a nightlight when the sensors detect any type of movement in the dark. In other words, it serves as an automatic nightlight.

Nest Home Security Professional Monitoring

You do not have to sign a contract to get the full home automation capabilities from Nest, but keep in mind that there is no professional monitoring for CO detectors nor fire. If you want full-blown professional monitoring, you can get it through Brinks for an extra fee.

Self-monitoring is free, and you can use the free mobile app to arm, disarm, and get notifications. If you want cellular backup, you can do so for $50 a year, or $5 a month

You can also get professional monitoring for $19 a month from Brinks, which includes the cellular backup, but you have to sign a three-year contract. If you don’t want to sign a contract, you can get the same level of monitoring for $29. Paying for this service allows you to have professionals reach out to you to verify any alarms, to contact the police when necessary, and to talk you through any emergency

There is also the option to get video recording camera monitoring. This ranges in price from $50 to $300 a year. This is available through the Nest Aware plan, which doesn’t require any of the other Nest alarm equipment. There are five different cameras available form Nest including video doorbells, indoor cameras, and both wired and wireless outdoor cameras.

Stand Out Features and Benefits from Nest

Thanks to the experience that Nest has in the smart home industry, it has definitely created a system that works extremely well. Here are some of the things that totally stand out when examining it as a whole:

Recording 24/7

When you choose the Nest Aware subscription, you get continuous, 24/7 recording of your video stream. You can watch videos for up to 30 days depending on the tier you choose.

Integrated System

One of the biggest advantages of choosing Nest is that there is so much integration available with both its own products and third-party products. You can fully customize your system to meet your needs.

Better and Smarter Alerts

The Nest cameras are very smart. We mentioned that they can learn and differentiate between things like an intruder and a passing car, but they can also learn the different between your family and strangers.

Voice Alerts

There are no chirps or beeps that you have to figure out when you use the Nest system. When a notification occurs, the system talks to you in a human voice.

No-Rush Arming or Disarming

There are some home security systems that give you only a few seconds to disarm it once the alarm is triggered. This system, however, allows you to set a custom time that counts down how long you have to turn off the alarm.

Cloud-based, Encrypted Video Storage

Any video recordings from Nest is stored in a cloud-based system, which is fully encrypted and protected by two-step authentication.

Nest App

The Nest app is really great, and it gives you a control panel right on your computer or mobile device. You can customize the app to give you full control over your home’s security.

Scheduled Disarm Times

You also get a Nest Tag key fob, which you can use to disarm your system at a certain day. This is good for those who have a dog walker or for when the kids come home from school.

The Benefits of Choosing a Nest Home Security System

  • No contracts
  • Attractive, sleek design
  • Integration with third-party devices
  • Easy setup
  • No subscription plans are necessary
  • If you choose a subscription, its affordable
  • Professional installation is available
  • Customizable motion sensitivity
  • Optional professional monitoring by Brinks
  • High-quality devices like cameras and thermostats
  • Wide variety of devices to connect to the system
  • Control the system through the app

Considerations Before Choosing the Nest Home Security System

  • Expensive to get started and expensive equipment
  • Over average reports of connectivity issues
  • Not very compatible with other home security systems
  • No glass-break sensors or remote panic buttons
  • No professional CO or fire detection monitoring
  • A lot of product selection, which could be overwhelming

The Cost of Equipment You can Use with Nest Home Security Systems

As we have mentioned, the Nest Home Security System is fully customizable. So, you might be wondering about the cost of the equipment. Here’s a breakdown of what is available:

Nest Starter Kit – $399

The Nest Starter Kit includes:

  • Two Nest Detect motion/window/door sensors
  • One Nest Guard base station
  • Two Nest Tags
  • Mounting brackets
  • Accessories
  • Power cord

Once you have this kit, you can also add devices including the following:

  • Additional Nest Tags – $25
  • Nest temperature sensor – $39
  • Additional motion/window/door sensors – $49
  • Nest Connect – $69
  • Nest Protect CO and smoke alarm – $119 for one, $329 for three, or $612 for six
  • Nest Thermostat – $169 – $249
  • Nest Indoor Camera – $199
  • Nest Outdoor Camera – $199
  • Nest Indoor IQ Camera – $299
  • Nest Outdoor IQ Camera – $399
  • Nest Video Doorbell – $229

More Information About the Nest Mobile App

You can get access to the Nest mobile app for free just by buying the Nest Secure system. This might sound pretty obvious, buy many security system companies out there make you sign up for a subscription before you get access to the mobile app.

This app gives you access to a control panel right on your mobile device. It also allows you to customize the alerts that you get, and a timeline view of video clips, should you have video cameras attached to your system.

You can easily control your security system directly from your app, and you can monitor all of the sensors, give them unique names, and either activate or deactivate your system from the app.

This is generally a DIY system, so if you like that aspect, the Nest system might be great for you. This is especially the case if you already have the Nest thermostat, and you are familiar with how that works. After the system is set up, you can then use the mobile app with all of the Nest compliant devices in your home. You also don’t have to pay any fees.

Installing and Activating the Nest Home Security System

As we have mentioned, setting up the Nest system is very easy, and almost all of the company’s line of products are straightforward to install.

To start, you can download the Nest app from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store, and then scan the QR code on the hub. Then, you simply follow the directions. When the Nest Guard is up and running, set up the Tags that came with the system, and then the sensors. If you want to add any new device to your system, you can take the same steps.

All of the devices are designed for ease of use, and you don’t have to take the time to do a lot of extra steps or anything. The company has also made using the app easy, too. The configuration of the Nest system is as follows:


When the system is set to “disarm,” it is totally turned off. Even the sensors are off. When this is the case, you will not be notified of any activity including motion or the doors opening. You still need to enter a passcode or pass over the Tag, however, to disarm the Nest Secure.

Arm Stay

When set to “alarm stay,” this activated the window and door sensors, but it deactivates the motion detectors. Most people who have the system will use this overnight. It means that it protects the home, but it does not detect things like you or your kid walking down to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Arm Away

When you set it to “arm away,” your system is fully activated. If anything triggers a window, door, or motion sensor, the alarm will go off and send a notification to your smartphone. If you have chosen to add professional monitoring, the Brink’s staff will contact emergency services.

Nest Customer Service

As a company, Nest has been in the smart device game for a while, so you can expect that customer service is pretty good. The first thing most people do is to head to the website, which is full of self-help articles, the Nest forum community, and guides. If you don’t see anything there that can help you, you can send an email, send the team a message on Twitter, or even call.

Contracts and Cancellation with Nest

As mentioned, Nest offers professional installation and professional monitoring, but both of these are optional. If you choose professional monitoring, you can sign a contract for three years and pay $19 a month, or you can choose to not sign a contract and pay $29 a month. There is no difference in the plans except that you are saving $10 a month by signing a long-term contract. Just keep in mind that if you sign a contract for three years, and then cancel it, you will be responsible for the remaining cost of the contract.

Warranties on Nest Equipment

All of the equipment that you can get from Nest comes with a money back guarantee for 30-days, and a full two-year warranty. If you cancel before that 30-days, you don’t have to pay any fees.

FAQ About Nest Home Security Systems

Does Nest work if the power goes out?

Yes. When the power goes out, your Nest Home Security System will still work as it has battery backup.

Can I still use Nest if I have a pet?

Yes, you can still use Nest if you have a pet. The motion sensors that come with the system are pet friendly. They are known as passive infrared sensors, which means that they will not pick up anything unless it is over 40 pounds. If you have a pet that is over 40 pounds, you should not use motion sensors.

What type of connection do I need to use Nest?

Nest monitoring is only available over a cellular connection. This is an extremely reliable connection, and the information is sent via cell towers from the monitoring center. Even if the internet or the power goes out, the system can still connect thanks to the cellular connection. Internally Nest works on Wi-Fi.

What should I know about the Nest contract?

Again, there are two different contract options for the Nest system, or you can choose not to sign a contract at all, though you won’t get professional monitoring. The three-year contract is $19 a month, but you can also choose monitoring for $29 a month, without having to sign a contract.

You can also choose to get the $5 a month cellular backup, which allows your system to arm, disarm, and alert you even if your Wi-Fi or power goes out. Keep in mind that the Nest system requires a T-Mobile connection to work. You don’t have to have T-Mobile as your provider, but it must be available in your area.

Can I use Nest if I’m a renter?

You buy and own the Nest equipment, so you can move it when you move. Most of the equipment from Nest is wireless, so it’s perfect if you are a renter. You don’t have to install anything through walls, either, so no drilling into your home. Just make sure that you are talking to your landlord about any rules or restrictions on security systems, especially if you are going to use a security camera.

Can I use Nest with my smart door lock?

Yes, you can. You can use the Nest x Yale keyless deadbolt, which allows you to both lock and unlock the door from your phone. You can also add a smart door lock and video doorbell when you buy the Nest kit.

Can I use Nest thermostats with Nest?

Of course! Nest also has teamed up with a number of appliance companies, including JennAir and Whirlpool, to create smart oven ranges, which can communicate with your thermostat to keep your home comfortable. This means you won’t have to worry about your kitchen getting too hot when you cook, and it can remind you if you have left your oven on.

Final Takeaway About Nest Home Security Systems

Nest has a number of awesome equipment options. It also has DIY installation and a great customer service team. If you want to make your home smarter and safer, the Nest system is a wonderful option. You can also fully customize the Nest system to fit exactly what you want, and though the equipment is a little on the expensive side, it’s definitely a good value at the end of the day. The Nest Home Security System is a perfect choice for those who are seeking value and safety over the long run, and for those who want to be able to customize their system. Finally, it’s great for people who don’t want to sign a contract, as there is an affordable option for this, too.

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