Making your own marquee sign to hang on your wall as decoration or to light up a room, is an easy way to ramp up your home’s style. Whether it’s cardboard alphabet letters, aluminum or wood, marquee signs are fun to make and trendy to display.

Light up your home with one of these 11 DIY marquee signs!

1. Happy Hour

A Beautiful Mess Happy Hour marquee sign over a bar cart

Sarah Rhodes, Josh Rhodes, & Laura Gummerman via A Beautiful Mess

2. Drop Anchor

3. Office Love

4. Large Aluminum Letter

5. Outdoor Holiday

6. Wooden “&” Letter

7. Give Thanks Mantel

8. Kitchen Bake

9. Glitter Joy Letters

10. Simple “Hey”

11. Large Letter Decor Piece

What kind of marquee sign would you light up your home with? Tell us in the comments below!

Top Image Credit: My Sister’s Suitcase