July is a month of celebrations and summer fun! Homeowners living in regions of increased heat, humidity and summer storms will want to focus on safety by maintaining air conditioning units and avoiding being outdoors during lightening storms. Other regions may be entering very dry and hot temperatures; water conservation will be necessary to maintain the yard and keep water costs down. Exterior contractors are busy in July as homeowners choose this month to get roofing, siding, painting, patio, deck, and landscaping projects checked off their lists.

Get everyone involved in home maintenance

With longer daylight hours, it’s a great month to tackle projects that were put off during the winter and spring months. A change in routine may mean that families have more time to dive into serious home and yard improvement. Get the kids involved so they can learn problem-solving skills as well as learn how things work. Even simple projects like setting up a sprinkler system, repairing the fence or weeding can teach them valuable skills. Keep small hands away from sharp tools by purchasing inexpensive child versions of adult tools and encourage them to wear special safety glasses (or simply use swimming goggles). Kids love getting their hands dirty and contributing to family activities!


Best July weekend projects


Grilling and BBQ safety tips

July is a hot time for outdoor grilling but it’s also the peak month for grill and barbecue fires. Here are some tips for keeping your grill area safe this summer:

  • always use your grill outside and away from the house
  • open the lid before igniting
  • never leave your grill unattended
  • clear a 3-foot area around the grill and place it away from heavily trafficked areas, especially where children play
  • keep your grill clean and remove grease build-ups
  • always place cooled coals in a metal, lidded container

Tip of the month: Sort and organize school work

School is out and your children’s precious memories and school projects should be saved or recycled.

  • keep the best projects in a clear plastic container that can be labeled year after year
  • display precious artwork or achievements on the wall
  • donate used backpacks and clothing
  • thoroughly clean lunch boxes prior to storing them