Like a good TV theme song, there are set designs from our favorite shows that fail to leave our memory banks. Memorable set designs can inspire and make us feel part of the show itself. I can close my eyes and “walk” through Samantha and Darren’s home, run down the stairs into Mr. and Mrs. Brady’s living room and “slam” Seinfeld’s door. More recently, Don Draper’s Manhattan apartment has inspired a new wave of Danish Modern enthusiasts and I suppose by that vein, fans of “Breaking Bad” might start fetishizing the 1990’s plain tan interior of Walter White’s home.


Image credit: Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s Floorplan, $82.41

There are books (like TV Sets: Fantasy Blueprints of Classic TV Homes and Sitcom Style: Inside America’s Favorite TV Homes ) that cover the interior design of well-known shows but true TV fans will love this new idea: a Spanish interior designer, Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde, has drawn out floor plans, to scale, of some of our beloved television and movie homes. Blueprints can be purchased on Etsy and used to recreate or inspire your own home or simply kept as a token of your favorite show.  Who says you can’t live like Holly Golightly or Homer Simpson?


Image Credit: Frasier Crane’s Floorplan $137.34


Image Credit: Three’s Company Floorplan $96.14


Image Credit: Carrie Bradshaw’s Floorplan $68.67


Image Credit: Holly Golightly’s Floorplan $137.34