Replacing a doorknob is simple! Whether your old knob is broken or you just want to update your fixtures, replacing a doorknob is an easy DIY project that can be done in minutes.


  1. Start by removing the old doorknob.
  2. Unscrew and remove the knobs, then pull out the latch assembly. Your new doorknob should fit perfectly in the hole left by the old one.
  3. Insert the new latch assembly. If the hole on the latch doesn’t sit central in the bored hole, simply slide the pin to extend or shorten the latch length.
  4. Once it’s centered, insert the spindle from the new doorknob. To do this, push in the latch from the outside then slide the spindle in. Before moving on, make sure the latch is facing the right direction, you don’t want to think you’re all done only to have a door that won’t shut!
  5. You can now attach the other side of the handle. If you’re having difficulty locating the screw holes, just pull the handle out a little to see inside, line up the screws, and tighten.

Your new handle should now be fully operational!

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