When it comes to interior design, there are plenty of accents you can add to improve the look and functionality of your space. Mirrors add brightness and light to your home and can make it look visually larger, too. The mirror design trend has been increasing in popularity, so much so that many people now have them in virtually every room. Whether you’re new to the idea of decorating with mirrors or need a few new ideas, read on to discover some trends that you can incorporate into your own space. Whether you want to create a mirror with your little ones or use them to enhance a room, this guide covers some helpful tips to inspire you to use mirrors more effectively.


The Benefits of Adding Mirrors to Your Home Décor 


The benefits of decorating your home with mirrors are plentiful. Here are some of the perks of using mirrors in your space.

Accentuate your space: Mirrors come in a myriad of shapes and sizes, as well as decorative frames. Using mirrors to add a touch of visual interest is an easy way to accessorize any room. Hang mirrors in your living room to create a bright look, or add them to a bedroom for a beautiful touch. The possibilities for accentuating a home with mirrors are endless, so be sure to explore a variety of designs to find the styles that suit your unique design personality.

They add natural light to a room: Place a mirror across from a window in your home, and you’ll enjoy the benefits of increasing the natural light. Due to their reflective surface, mirrors allow the light to bounce off of them, creating a brighter, more open feel.

A fabulous focal point: A large mirror can be a gorgeous focal point for living rooms or dining rooms. Choose a mirror that will add the “wow” factor to your room and display it in a central location, such as directly above a sofa or dining table. The more ornate your mirror is, the more visually attractive it will be.

Mirrors add character: Artwork and wall décor can add a touch of character to your home, and mirrors are no exception. Carefully place your mirror in a room where it will be easily visible to give any space a touch of charm and character. Look for a mirror that features unique details like an intricate frame or an unusual shape.

Practical use: Of course, mirrors also have a practical purpose too. You can use them to prep and check yourself out before heading out the door or enjoy them in your bathroom when applying makeup or shaving. Anywhere there’s a mirror, there’s a place to do a final touch-up or to check your outfit.

Mirrors make the room feel bigger: If you have a small space, mirrors can do wonders for making it feel much larger than it is. The reflection makes any space look psychologically bigger and more open. Use a mirror in a small living area and watch the space magically grow.


Mirror Décor Ideas to Use Throughout Your Home


You can enjoy hanging mirrors in every single room of your home. Here are some ideas for decorating with mirrors to make your space look better.

Bedroom: Hang a large mirror over your dresser to give you a place to check out your outfit in the morning. Use a tall full-length mirror in the bedroom corner for an easy place to see yourself from head to toe. A large mirror hung above your bed creates a beautiful focal point and increases the amount of natural light coming into the room.

Living room: A beautiful mirror displayed above a fireplace mantel adds brightness and visual interest. You can also use them to create a focal point anywhere in the living room. Mix and match mirrors of different shapes and sizes to create a reflective gallery wall or hang one above the sofa to help anchor the living space.

Bathroom: Bathrooms are the most obvious place to use mirrors, but they’re also a great way to decorate this room without making it feel cluttered. Aside from your bathroom vanity mirror, use even more, mirrors in the rest of the room to make your bathroom light and bright.

Kitchen: You might not think mirrors are a good option for kitchens, but they can be a smart decorative addition. If your sink doesn’t have a window above it, hang a mirror there instead. It’s a great way to reflect the light and make smaller, darker kitchens feel lighter and brighter, as well as adding a touch of sleek, modern décor.

Dining room: The dining room is one of the best places to hang a mirror, especially if you have a separate, formal dining area. Hang a mirror on one wall across from a window to make your dining room brighter, or display one above a buffet or credenza to add a modern, elegant touch to the room.

Entryway: Try a beautiful mirror in your entry or foyer. It’s a smart way to make the space look bigger, and it will also give you a perfect place to check out your look before you leave for the day.


Trending Mirror Types


Here are some decorative mirrors and popular mirror trends to try so you can give your home a beautiful, modern look.

Plane mirrors: As the name implies, plane mirrors have a smooth, flat surface and a basic shape like a square, circle, or rectangle. Usually used for utilitarian purposes, you can hang plane mirrors in a hallway, bathroom, or workspace to get more brightness and reflection.

Squared mirrors: A squared or square-shaped mirror is a great way to fill an empty space on your walls. Display several squared mirrors together in a grid-like pattern to create the illusion of a window. They’re also a good option for smaller bathroom vanities or to hang over small accent tables or nightstands.

Round mirrors: Some of the most popular mirror trends are often found in rustic or farmhouse-inspired homes. Hang a round mirror over a console table in your hallway to add a touch of charm. You can also use round mirrors in a dining room for an elegant touch, and they look beautiful in practically every room due to their curvaceous shape.

Silvered mirrors: Silvered mirrors use glass coated with a silver metallic material to create a reflective surface. Once used to make almost every mirror, today they’re designed to create a vintage, antique look. Hang a silvered mirror in your dining room or living room to give it a beautiful, elegant aesthetic.

Full-length mirrors: These tall mirrors are typically the height of an average adult. Perfect for bedrooms, you can use them to examine your outfit from head to toe. A full-length mirror also looks lovely in an empty corner to make any room look larger and brighter.

Leaning mirrors: This mirror type isn’t hung on the wall; instead, it leans against it. Most leaning mirrors are large and add a trendy, beautiful design element to living rooms and bedrooms. Smaller leaning mirrors can be placed on a shelf or fireplace mantel to add a vibrant element.

Spherical mirrors: A spherical mirror has a curved shape that can be either concave or convex. This contemporary mirror style adds a modern look to the home and has magnification properties, too. Since spherical mirrors reflect a wider area, they’re also often used as a security mirror, so you can see who is coming to the door.

Hanging mirrors: Whether they’re simple or ornate, hanging mirrors are the most popular choice for the home. Hang a mirror anywhere to add a bright touch or a decorative element. When you use hanging mirrors, ensure that they’re secured to the wall safely with the proper hardware, so they don’t fall off and break.

Floor to wall mirrors: If you really want to add drama to your home, consider using a floor to wall mirror. This mirror trend is growing in popularity and has an extremely tall, large shape and size. Use a floor-to-wall mirror in a small living room to make it look bigger or in a bedroom for the ultimate outfit checker.

Sectional mirrors: Sectional mirrors use decorative overlays to make them look like a window. You can also find them in a set featuring several sections that go together to create a cohesive look. Add sectional mirrors in your kitchen to mimic a window or use them in a hallway to add a beautiful, bright aesthetic.


Mirror Styles


In addition to the many mirror types, there are also several different mirror styles to consider when decorating your home.

Mid-century Mirrors: Mid-century mirrors bring a bold, modern component to the home with a nod to an era gone by. These mirrors can be vintage or recreated to give a living room or bedroom a contemporary touch. A mid-century mirror tends to be quite decorative and is often found surrounded by a geometric, starburst, or sunburst frame, which makes them perfect for adding some trendy décor to your home.

Parisian Mirrors: The Parisian mirror trend is currently skyrocketing in popularity. Often surrounded by a gold or bronze metallic frame, this mirror style tends to have a delicate yet ornate accent on the top and sides that gives it an antique look. Parisian mirrors look stunning displayed over a fireplace mantel or in a bedroom above a bed or dresser.

Coastal Mirrors: If you’re aiming for a beachy look, give coastal mirrors a try. This mirror style incorporates elements like driftwood, seashells, or woven rope around the frame. It’s a beautiful choice if you live in a beach home or if you want to recreate a relaxing coastal-inspired look in the dining room, bedroom, or living room.

Venetian Mirrors: These elegant, high-end mirrors are often surrounded by intricate Venetian glass. Some Venetian mirrors feature smaller mirrored pieces cut into ornate shapes that surround the center mirror. Whichever option you choose, they’re a beautiful way to give any room a luxurious look and feel.


Adding mirrors to every room of your home can make each space look unique, brighter, and more spacious. Use these tips to incorporate some mirrors into your home for an easy way to elevate your space. With the right mirror style, size, and shape, you can elevate your home and turn it into a bright, open place you’ll be proud to show off.