Do you have a favorite number? Any lucky numbers? Do you sometimes avoid numbers or feel connected to certain numbers? The belief that numbers are basic elements of the universe that are infused with information is the study of numerology, and this study is an ancient one that extends far back in time to the Babylonians and Egyptians. Some people are quite serious about ‘their numbers,’ while others find the concept of numerology to be mildly interesting but aren’t quite sold on the idea yet. 

Whether you’re a committed numerologist or need more time to consider, use our guide to explore the numerology of your home. Find out if numbers do, indeed, reflect your home’s decorative personality. We’ll show you how to calculate your home’s numerology number and explain what it may mean. You can use numerology, like Feng Shui, to convey its hidden personality and infuse the traits you love best into your decor. 


What Is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient belief in the importance of numbers and how they may relate to events, people, or even places such as our home. Address numerology is a concept that’s growing in popularity as people reflect upon how to style their home — or what their home’s style may say about them and life in their household. Many of us, of course, enjoy a ‘home personality’ that signifies home happiness. By exploring numerology as it relates to your home and decorative style, you may be able to note some distinctive personality traits that you may wish to highlight even more. 


How to Calculate Your House Numerology Number

To calculate your house numerology number, add the numbers of your home address together. For instance, if your address number is 252, you’ll add:

2 + 5 + 2 = 9 

In this case, 9 is your house numerology number. However, some house numbers will combine to form a two-digit number. For instance, if your street address is 354, you’ll add:

3 + 5 + 4 = 12

So, you’ll take an additional step and add together the two digits in the result:

1 + 2 = 3

Your house numerology number in this case will be 3. 


What Can Home Numerology Mean For Your Decor?

Once you have your number, you can learn about what personality traits are signified by that number in accordance with numerology beliefs. The descriptors associated with the various numbers have been formulated over centuries by practitioners of numerology. Home numerology has adopted the descriptors associated with each basic number that are most relevant to home decor or home improvement. For instance, the house number 3 is frequently associated with creativity as well as chaos. Does that describe your home? You can use your house numerology number to highlight the traits you love about your house or want to exhibit. Here, we delve into those numbers and what they might mean for your house.


According to numerology beliefs, the number one is associated with traits such as independence and innovation. A number one house is intrinsically linked to people who work from home, prefer to live alone, or, at least, prefer to have their own independence spaces within the home. If you value your personal freedom and enjoy working from home, you might want to transform this aspect of your home’s energy into a private office or a special nook where you can focus on your individual pursuits. 

Typically, homes with a numerology personality one may not reflect a ‘warm and fuzzy’ atmosphere. They may appear minimalist in nature and lack frivolity or even spontaneity. These are some of the cons to consider as you reflect on your home’s personality and style. 


The numerology personality two home, according to beliefs, exhibits affectionate energy. It’s a place of harmony and love. In numerology belief systems, the number two is associated with sensitivity and sentimentality. In these homes, it’s not uncommon to find wedding photographs highlighted or photos of friends enjoying vacation time. Think of the number two house as the complete opposite of the number one house. Where one is stark and designed with functionality in mind, two is cute, cozy, and designed to exude warmth. 

Numerology experts recommend tempering the overtly sentimental (i.e. photographs of all the cats you’ve ever owned printed on throw pillows) so as not to scare number ones out the door, but if your partner or family is unconcerned about the photographs of babies and baby farm animals on your walls, you do you.


The number three home may be a place where art is made and celebrated. People in the arts tend to gravitate to homes with number three numerology personality traits. This type of home is infused with artistic vibes and may feature many decorative items such as paintings, books, or musical instruments. People who live in a number three house often enjoy social gatherings in their home where everyone can feel free to showcase their own unique energies. 

On the other hand, sometimes these homes may lead toward chaotic decorative styles. Be careful that eclectic doesn’t turn into downright bizarre. Clutter could also be an issue for number three homeowners. 


The numerology four houses might be all about practicality. These houses tend to be well structured, decoratively disciplined, and steeped in tradition. If you live in this home, you may find that its personality lends itself to goal setting, positive financial planning, and personal achievements. If you crave stability, a number four home is one to consider. 

On the other hand, if you’re tired of conventionality, this type of serious home might feel oppressive to you. If so, play up other number four traits, like its earthiness, and include more plants and nature-inspired elements in the decor. 


Number five homes are often all abuzz with activity. It is believed that this home’s personality has a natural vitality and dynamic energy that is appealing to many different types of people with their own personality and style. Number five is reflective of variety in numerology belief systems. These are great homes for large families or families with older children who are coming into their own.

Number five houses could not, however, offer the quiet and relaxed vibe that some homeowners are looking for. If you find yourself living in a number five house and crave calm, you’ll need to create some private space for getting away from it all.


In numerology belief systems, the number six is most strongly associated with the family. Here, you can create a sanctuary where children and even family pets will feel comfortable and ‘right at home.’ Number six homes are often very lived in and embody the traits of each family member, which may make the decor appear somewhat scattered. 

On the other hand, if you’re a homebody and enjoy being amongst your family, this type of setting may be perfect for you. One of the recommendations for number six homeowners is to ensure that each family member doesn’t only enjoy life in the house, but also contributes to its upkeep.


The number seven house is a spiritually inclined and reflective place where harmony with the inner and outer world is celebrated, according to numerology beliefs. Although these homes may feel private, they are not unwelcoming with their inspirational ambiance. These homes often exhibit little clutter or materials that could detract from introspection. Think hardwood and bamboo rather than plastic and other synthetic materials. 

If you prefer a more boisterous setting, you might consider fashioning this home’s outdoor space with an area to entertain like an outdoor kitchen and dining room. 


Numerologists believe that number eight house is associated with entrepreneurial pursuits, prosperity, and abundance. This home’s numerology personality might be ideal for people who are launching their own business or forging a new career. A number eight home often exudes rich colors and textures that are evocative of comfort as well as trend-right styles. There’s nothing dowdy or old-fashioned about a number eight house.

If you find that your eight home’s decor is too ‘put together,’ add some unexpected twists that underscore its comfortable ambiance. Also, be careful to ensure that abundance doesn’t turn into a hoarding problem. After all, eights, too many throw pillows on the sofa means there’s less room for guests to be seated.


In numerology, the number nine reflects a communal spirit that is attractive to visitors who represent different cultures, races, and belief systems. The number nine house could therefore be a haven for multicultural types who adore global style. It’s not uncommon for number nine homes to feature decorative items sold by humanitarian groups or items that reflect spirituality, art, and craft-making. 

To make your number nine home feel more grounded in your particular neck of the woods, opt for a few decorative items that celebrate your location. Moreover, when celebrating everyone else, be sure to infuse some of yourself into the decor.


If you’re house hunting or just thinking about redecorating your house, keep these numerology beliefs in mind. Some people find them surprisingly accurate. Others may need more convincing. But, wherever you stand with numbers, you can decide to highlight exactly what you want to highlight in your space. It’s your house, after all!