As we get closer to living like the Jetsons, it begs the question: is artificial intelligence (AI) safe for a family with kids? The simple answer is yes. When the right products are brought home and used correctly—like a robot named Cozmo and other chatGPT alternatives that can educate your kids on how to code—AI and smart tech can secure and improve the quality of life for you and your family. Here are ten devices and tips you can use right now to safely integrate AI into a home with kids.

Best AI Tech for Families with Kids

The following products are great for households with children:

Smart Cameras

Whether you have a nanny, dog walker, or rambunctious kid, smart security cameras help keep an eye on everyone when you’re not home or you’re in the other room. Smart cameras like the Arlo Q allow you to watch streaming security video in real time and use two-way audio. So if you’re at work you can see if your kids get home from school okay, check in with them about their day, and make sure your pets are happy and comfortable.  

Home Security Systems

If you want to take your security a step further, investing in a home security system can help protect your kids and home. You can choose from 24/7 monitoring, so a call center is always there if you have an emergency, as well as cameras, window and door sensors, and more. Now AI security cameras like SimCam can even recognize faces and clear known individuals to enter your home by matching a face scan with a spoken password. 

Smart Plugs

Babyproofing, energy conservation, and intruder prevention are all made easier with smart plugs. These devices offer you greater convenience and control, and WeMo makes one of the best because it allows you to control every appliance and electronic plugged into it from anywhere with your smartphone.  

So if you have a teenager who always forgets to shut off the straightening iron, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. You can even turn lights on and off while you’re on vacation to look like you’re home, and you can shut off power to outlets—keeping your child from getting a nasty shock.

Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Every home needs smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to avoid tragedy. Now that smart options are available, you should upgrade—especially if you have kids. Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors like Nest’s sync to tell you where an alarm is coming from (e.g., your bedroom or basement), so you can act quickly.  

Plus, smart smoke detectors send alerts to your smartphone through the app so you can call 911 immediately. If you have children, you’ll sleep sounder with smart smoke and CO detectors keeping an eye on your family; they’re the ultimate home safety product.  

Smart Thermostats

Temperature is a huge factor in preventing sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) and keeping your home comfortable and safe for your family. That’s where smart thermostats come in handy. These devices help you conserve energy, anticipate when to turn the heat up or down, alert you if it senses extreme temperatures, and give you insight into your energy usage.  

If you have a newborn and you want to keep their nursery the perfect temperature, thermostats like the Ecobee offer extra sensors to help keep all areas of your home monitored, not just where your main device is installed.

Smart Doorbells and Locks

Smart doorbells and locks are perfect for parents—you can know exactly when your kids get home from school, if they bring anyone over, or if a stranger tries to enter your home while you’re away. These devices communicate with you through an app, so you’ll never feel far from home or your children. Some smart locks even use GPS to unlock the door for you when you (and your smartphone) approach, saving you a hassle when your arms are full of groceries.

How to Safely Use AI Tech in Your Home

No matter which smart tech gadget you bring home, the next four tips can help you use them safely:

Password Protect Your WiFi

By 2020, the world is expected to have over 20 billion smart devices. That means hackers will be closer to you and your family wherever you are—like the Texas family that discovered someone had tapped into their baby’s nanny cam. To deter hackers from getting into your home, set up a strong firewall and passwords.

Keep AI Tech on a Different Network

You know the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” We advise that you don’t do that with all of your internet-connected smart home devices, either. Instead, set up two wireless networks in your home—one for personal use and another guest network for all of your smart technology. That way, if your smart home network is breached, the hackers can’t access your computer and other personal information.

Track Phones, Tablets, and Computers

Often, your bank accounts, social media accounts, and smart home apps are all saved on your phone, tablet, or computer. If a device ends up stolen, or your child forgets their device somewhere, someone could literally walk away with all of this sensitive information. Download LoJack or enable Find My iPhone on all your Apple devices to locate them quickly if they’re lost or stolen.

Educate Your Kids About Cyber Safety

Hackers could manipulate your children into giving them the keys to your entire smart home. Tell your children not to talk to strangers online or give out your wireless or smart device passwords. If your children are old enough to use devices and the internet, go over these questions and topics with them to help keep everyone safe and secure.

AI and smart technology make incredible things possible, bringing you more convenience and safety inside your own home. As long as you know which products to buy and how to use AI technology, you can rest assured that your home and children will be safer because of it. 

This is a guest post from our friends at Safewise. Written by Sage Singleton. 

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