People mainly seek the service of an electrician when they are adding a new room, or they’re renovating or repairing the existing electrical system in their home. Hiring a reliable and licensed electrician is always the best way to handle the complicated electrical system of your home. Having a checklist for hiring the electrician is necessary, as your decision can affect the value of your home or business.

  1. Qualification and license: Each state has their own rules and regulations regarding the qualification and license of the electrician. In addition to this, verify whether the electrician is insured with the right liability insurance and is registered by the true authorities.
  2. Work details and bid: Understand your requirements first and hire an electrician depending on the nature of the work. Ask the electrician to visit the site, have details on hand (like the replacement light fixture, for example), and evaluate what the project entails. Get the bid and check whether everything of your choice is included in it or not.  Try to get bids from different electricians, but when you compare make sure that you compare the bids of electricians with similar skills and experience.
  3. Time of completion and payment: Before the work starts, get the time schedule from the electrician so that you can arrange accordingly, without interrupting your household. Make sure that the price list includes details of labor and price of materials. Try to keep the upfront payment low and always ensure that the work schedule and the completion time go hand in hand. If the electrician insists on upfront payment, never pay more than 50%, as it may adversely affect the completion of the work.  Make the payment schedule in such a way that it matches with the pace of work and material delivery. Having a written contract, stating every details of work can save your money and time.
  4. Clarify everything: Clear all your doubts about the project and ask him the details or the systematic procedure he is going to follow for successfully completing the project. You can also discuss about the trending electrical enhancement available in the market, like the whole-house surge protector or other smart devices that can protect your entire house and appliances.
  5. Endorsements: Using Porch to find your electrician will enable you to find endorsed professionals who have worked in your neighborhood. Even with this information, it’s helpful to get a list of past clients and inquire about the professional’s quality of work.
  6. Cooperation: Do not interfere in his or her work, as an experienced electrician will know how to complete the job successfully on time. Ensuring that the work area is clear and safe, and that distractions such as pets are out of the way, will help the project go faster.

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