Having a regular house cleaning service can add to your quality of life by ensuring that you live in a clean environment and allowing you more time to enjoy life. It’s estimated that a family who cleans their home daily gains back about 30 days per year when they hire a house cleaning service. Many of us choose to DIY our housecleaning however, if you are a parent, are working full time, have family members with severe allergies, or are physically unable to clean, consider hiring a professional cleaner. When hiring a cleaning service or person to keep your home clean and well-kept, you’ll want someone who is reliable and certified. To maintain order and make sure you’re receiving quality work under your terms, sign a contract with your housekeeper.

The following are a few house cleaning contract elements to contemplate when beginning work with your professional cleaner.

Average costs

The average cost of a house cleaning service can be around $200 a visit. The cost of hiring a maid or cleaning service can depend on various factors. The square footage of the home is the biggest influencer on cleaning costs, with the number of bedrooms and bathrooms being the largest cost differentiator. Having multiple floors or pets can also influence the cost, as will the overall scope of work like cleaning inside cabinets, making beds, or cleaning inside appliances. House cleaners base their pricing generally on the number of hours it will take to clean the home but might also charge more if you require specialized cleaning products or difficult cleaning tasks. A quality home cleaning service company will make an in-home estimate and walk through all the rooms with the homeowner to fully understand the level of cleaning expected.  If a team of 2 or 3 cleaners is involved the cost will increase but they may be able to complete the tasks faster than just one professional.

Saving on cost

Homeowners can choose to have daily, weekly, or monthly house cleaning visits and may also request specialized cleaning visits such as before or after a holiday party. The national average daily cost is generally lower than the monthly cost, due to the fact that the house cleaner will mostly focus on maintenance work as well as offering an incentive for more frequent visits. Because home cleaners generally price their services based on the above factors, having minor messes, and making rooms easily accessible, will make their job go faster. This doesn’t mean you need to clean up for the cleaners however, putting away belongings and laying out sheets for changing will save them time and you money. You may also be able to save on cleaning costs by purchasing your own cleaning supplies and equipment, but be sure to buy the right products for your home.

Signing a contract

After you have found your desired cleaning professional or service, you will want to sign an agreement regarding all terms and conditions of work. A contract is a legal written document signed by all parties involved, agreeing upon specific provisions. Being clear about terms of employment will ensure that you and your hired professional are on the same page when it comes to expectations. Some cleaning services may provide you with a contract, but if this is not the case you can draft up your own house keeping contract online or write one yourself. Go over all important information within your contract to avoid any misunderstanding with your cleaner.

Contract essentials

  • Name, date, and all contact information of all cleaning service professionals and you as the homeowner
  • Start and end dates of service, along with checkpoints
  • Specifications of cleaning tasks that will be performed
  • Check list of cleaning tasks performed on each visit to be signed by the cleaner
  • Proof that professional is licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Satisfaction guarantees and warranty information
  • List of equipment and supplies that will be used for cleaning
  • Accessibility agreement to the house to perform work
  • Payment schedule from start to end date, along with form of payment (e.g., cash, card, check)
  • Terms for termination of agreement

Good relations

You should be able to get along well with the cleaning staff and feel that you can trust your professional. Maintaining a strong line of communication with your house cleaner will help improve the quality and experience of having a hired professional tend to your home’s environment. Don’t hesitate to ask questions or voice any concerns; your cleaner is there to help, not cause havoc. Your contract should cover every possible way to address problems you may have as service continues, and specify what will happen if you need to cancel the contract prematurely. When deciding to hire a house cleaner, make sure to plan ahead for times that are particularly busy for cleaning services, such as spring cleaning and just before the holidays. Begin your search for a maid or house cleaning service on Porch and read our guide to hiring a housecleaner for expert tips on finding the best cleaner for your home.