Frontpoint is a company that combines the latest in-home security with amazing customer service. You can choose DIY setup, which only takes a few minutes. There is no doubt that Frontpoint is one of the most sought-after home security systems out there. The company mixes home automation with DIY home security and environmental damage, and pairs those features with exceptional customer service to protect against both home invasion and burglaries.

How Does Frontpoint Stand Out from the Rest?

If you’re looking for a home security system that has an affordable cost with professional and reliable monitoring, Frontpoint is a great choice. We’re big fans of this company’s focus on DIY equipment, which just isn’t offered by many other security companies on the market today.

Frontpoint has worked really hard to set itself apart from competitors with a big commitment to ensuring the best of customer service. We have always been extremely impressed with any interaction we have had with Frontpoint for years, and it could be a reason why customers of Frontpoint tend to stay with the company after their initial contracts are up.

Crash and Smash Protection from Frontpoint

One interesting option that we like is the company’s Crash and Smash Protection. This alerts the monitoring center if there’s anything like an intruder trying to get into your control panel. What does this mean? It means that it is near impossible for an intruder to easily disengage or engage your home security system.

Like all activated or “hot” alarm systems, the system will go into an alert status at any time a window or door is open, too. Since a burglar must enter into your home to access the control panel, the monitoring center at Frontpoint is already aware that there could be someone getting in.

If it is you who is getting in through a window or door, you can simply disarm the system. This will show the monitoring center that the homeowner has caused the alert. If you do not disarm, however, the monitoring system will notify local authorities, who will be at the house before you know it. This means that it is already too late for a burglar to stop anything and stomping or smashing won’t make any difference at all. They are stuck and they quickly realize they need to leave.

Frontpoint’s Professional Monitoring

Frontpoint has three different monitoring plans, all of which go beyond basic protections. The basic package also offers fire and flood monitoring, and the other plans offer home automation features, including lighting controls. If you aren’t sure of what you want or need, you can choose from either a one- or three-year contract, and you can get out of it, with no risk, within 30 days.

  • Basic Protection Plan – $34.99 per month
  • Interaction Plan – $44.99 per month
  • Ultimate Plan – $49.99 per month

Monthly monitoring starts at less than $35 a month, but you must choose either a one- or three-year contract. The basic package is called the Protection Plan, and it comes with 24/7 professional monitoring, as well as a self-diagnosing security system that helps to protect against intruders. This system is totally cellular and wireless, and it also has fire and environmental protection. Additionally, every user has self-managed account services available.

Every Frontpoint system uses cell radio to transmit emergency alerts. Just keep in mind that this system does not use landlines, so monitoring from Frontpoint isn’t available in some areas. In order to provide 24-hour dispatching, Frontpoint has partnered with Rapid Response Monitoring Services. This company has highly technical monitoring facilities in both New York and California, and the call centers uses some of the best encryption technology in the world. Additionally, the centers use biometric security and have a number of different backup systems in case of a blackout.

Features and Benefits

If you want bells and whistles but also like to keep is straightforward and simple, Frontpoint is a good choice.

  • Crash and Smash Protection – Frontpoint has a touchscreen control panel comes with a feature called “Smash and Crash” protection. This makes the control panel virtually tamper-proof. If an intruder breaks the panel, it sends an alert to the monitoring center.
  • Touch Screen Control – Speaking of the control panel, the ones from Frontpoint are touchscreen, and this makes using it very easy. It has large, easy to see icons and it is well-organized, so you can always find what you need.
  • Video Monitoring – Frontpoint offers high-resolution video cameras that do both outdoor and indoor monitoring. The video can be saved to the cloud and also live-streamed to a mobile device.
  • Mobile App – The equipment for Frontpoint’s two premium plans work with a mobile app. This essentially turns your tablet or smartphone into a device that you can use to monitor the system from anywhere.
  • Energy Saving Features– Another cool thing is the energy-saving home automation feature. This allows you to actually save money on your heating, AC, and electrical costs. The software is very easy to use and set up, too, so you don’t have to worry about things getting overly complicated.
  • Environmental Protection– For full home protection, they also offer heat and smoke sensors, flood and water leak sensors, and carbon monoxide sensors.
  • Cellular Mobile Monitoring –An outage to a phone landline can be devastating, but with Frontpoint, you don’t have to worry because this company uses cellular monitoring. You also don’t need to have internet, unless you add security cameras to your package. If your power and/or internet go out, you also will get a backup battery and battery-powered sensors, which ensures you are still protected.

The Pros of Choosing a Frontpoint Home Security System

  • Amazing customer service
  • Wireless
  • Competitive cost
  • No landline necessary
  • DIY Installation
  • Optional Outdoor/Indoor Cameras
  • Home Automation
  • Environmental Disaster Protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Cellular 4G monitoring
  • Crash and Smash Protection
  • Easy and Free Relocation

The Cons of Choosing a Frontpoint Home Security System

  • No landline option
  • Long-term contract is required
  • Low credit score can raise prices
  • No mobile access with the basic plan

Information About Frontpoint Home Automation

To create a more complete package, Frontpoint operates very much like a platform for third-party add-on devices. The add-on devices can work as long as they have compatibility with For instance, the SkyBell video doorbell isn’t strictly a Frontpoint device but for $189.99 you can buy it directly from Frontpoint. One of the advantages to this is that you can fully integrate the equipment from Frontpoint with other systems, and then you can even easily switch to another monitoring company after your contract is up.

Frontpoint supports the radio communications protocol called Z-Wave. This is used to create a local network that is able to connect a number of home automation device. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t support Zigbee, which is a networking protocol that is similar to Z-Wave. This means that you can add things like smart garage door openers, smart lightbulbs, and even Amazon Alexa, but you can’t add Nest equipment.

Frontpoint also doesn’t support any web-based automation scripts, which allow you to create a sequence of different events, such as turning on the lights when motion is detected.

Recently, Frontpoint has started to offer its own equipment for smart homes, but if you already have some, there’s no need to buy different ones. You can use your existing equipment as long as it uses Z-Wave technology.

Frontpoint Equipment and Component Packages

Frontpoint is very clear with its packages, prices, and the features included in these packages. So, you don’t have to search high and low for the cost of equipment and add-on options.

Frontpoint has all of the best-loved security options available, which allows you to create an extremely strong home defense system. Even the basic plan comes with a keypad and smart hub, window/door sensors, and your choice of either glass break sensors or motion sensors. Other products available from Frontpoint include flood sensors, smoke detector, garage door sensors, and plenty more.

There are two pieces of equipment stand out from the crowd in Frontpoint’s lineup of products: the smart hub and the amazingly strong keypad. Both of these are smash-proof, but keep in mind that they are not indestructible. However if an intruder gets in and damages one of them, the system will automatically let the monitoring system know. Additionally, the hub also offers a 24-hour emergency backup option, and it encrypts information that comes in and out of the home, so you are safe from online intruders as well.

There are four cameras to choose from: outdoor camera, indoor camera, doorbell camera, and premium indoor camera. All of them have a clear, crisp image, and they connect to the Frontpoint app. The best part of Frontpoint cameras is that they’re extremely easy to set up.

There are five different packages:

Safe Home Starter package is $130.95 upfront

Safe Home Everyday package is $228.93 up-front

Safe Home Plus package is $248.93 upfront

Safe Home Select package is $401.90 upfront

Safe Home Preferred package is $534.88 upfront

Safe Home Elite package is $1,032.84 upfront

These packages can be customized by adding additional components, but the costs of the following equipment are additional upfront expenses:

  • Lightbulb – $9.99
  • Keychain Remote – $31.99
  • Window/Door Sensor – $32.99
  • Panic Pendant – $39.99
  • Garage Door Tilt Sensor – $44.99
  • Flood Sensor – $44.99
  • Wireless Light Control – $49.99
  • Motion Sensor – $64.99
  • Smoke/Heat sensor – $64.99
  • Garage Door Controller – $69.99
  • Glass Break Sensor – $74.99
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensor – $89.99
  • Indoor Camera – $99.99 – $199.99
  • Frontpoint Smart Door Lock – $179.99
  • Doorbell Camera – $189.99
  • Outdoor Camera – $199.99

More Details About the Frontpoint Mobile App

A higher-tier plan from Frontpoint allows you to remotely control your home security system and also get notifications directly onto your phone. When you have the app, it allows you to arm and disarm the system and get alerts for other things, which you can select from. Upgrading to the highest tier allows you to control all of the integrated smart technology, too.

This isn’t extremely rare for security companies, but Frontpoint has an interface that is very easy to use. The app has large, color coded buttons that are labeled clearly, and the menu bar is stress-free.

Installing and Activating a Frontpoint System

Frontpoint systems have DIY installation. But, if you ever have any questions or issues with your installation, you can get help by phone or online. The Frontpoint Security customer service department is exceptional, and they are very good at helping those who need help with installation. You can also use the app to pick up on any issues that you might have with your installation. The app will literally pick up a service line for customers to call, so there is no need to look for the right phone number. Frontpoint also has a ton of help online if you need troubleshooting, and there are both video help and written help to choose from.

Frontpoint Contract Information and Cancellation

If you choose to become a Frontpoint customer, you can choose either a one- or three-year contract. Also, keep in mind that if you want the best price on equipment. Remember, if you need to back out of the contract, like most home security companies you have 30 days. If you wait to back out until after that, you will be responsible for a pretty big bill. All of that being said, customers of Frontpoint rate the company as being fair and free of any nasty surprises.

If you want to take advantage of the 30-day trial, also keep in mind that you must pay in advance for your service and gear, but if you return it, you will get a full refund without restocking fees…assuming it’s in that 30-day time frame. This might become clearer with a discussion with a customer service rep. What does this cost look like? It’s 80% of the value of the contract for either 11 or 35 months. The only exception is if you move out of the Frontpoint service area…however, all of the US is covered by Frontpoint, and many parts of Canada are.

Customer Service

Frontpoint has customer support available from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm ET each day of the week and from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm ET on the weekend. There is also a 24-hour emergency line if you have any emergencies. The customer support staff from Frontpoint are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Frontpoint also offers a guided installation assistance. Customers really appreciate this and claim that set up is very easy across the board. From a great attention to detail to equipment that is preprogrammed, Frontpoint setup customer service is outstanding. Just take a look at some reviews, and you will see that current Frontpoint customers really like the installation.

Equipment Warranty

If you are under contract with Frontpoint, your equipment is covered by a warranty. If a motion sensor, for instance, stops working, all you have to do is contact Frontpoint’s customer service team, and they will send out a new one at no charge.

Other Companies Versus Frontpoint

Frontpoint’s customer service department, its online resources, and the easy installation process makes it a perfect provider for those who want to have the feeling of a traditional home security company. With a number of different kits to choose from, plus an option that allows you to build your own, and three different monitoring options, you can fully customize the cost and size of home security package.

Frontpoint is one of the best options in modern home security, and with both smartphone control and smart home integration, it is great. However, it lags behind its competitors due to its traditional monthly rates and three-year contract. If you want to give Frontpoint a shot, you can do so knowing that you have 30 days to test it out. If you don’t like the equipment, or it doesn’t meet your expectations, you can return them within that 30 days.

If you don’t mind doing the DIY installation, it could also be a very great option for you, too.

Frontpoint Security System FAQs

Does Frontpoint work if the power goes out?

Yes, thanks to the battery backed Frontpoint control panel and the 24-hour backup battery, which keeps the system running. If you have chosen a monitoring plan that includes mobile alerts, and you will get notifications when the power goes out and then comes back on.

Is the Frontpoint system pet-friendly?

Like most security systems the motion sensors from Frontpoint are pet-friendly, with limitations. They are all passive infrared devices, and they ignore any motion of a pet that is up to 40 pounds. For those with large dogs, they should choose additional glass-break and window sensors due to possibly having to disarm motion sensors when you leave the house. This is often called “Home” or “Away” settings. You might set the alarm as “Home” which would disarm the motion sensors. Or, if you use the motion sensors, you might make sure to place it in an area that is not going to be triggered by a large pet.

What else do I need to know about the contract?

When you choose a Frontpoint system, you must sign a contract. The contract is 12 months minimum, but you can choose to extend it for 36-months, which gives you a lower overall price. The longer contact gives you the Frontpoint’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. When your contract is up, no matter if you choose the one- or three-year contract, you can continue the contract on a month-to-month basis.

Can renters use Frontpoint?

All of the equipment from Frontpoint is wireless, which makes it a great option for renters. You will not have to connect any wires or drill any holes, and this makes it very easy to take the system with you when you move to a new place. Just make sure that you check with the landlord about any restrictions or rules for security systems, especially if you want to use a security camera.

Can you use Frontpoint with smart door locks?

Yes, you can choose to add a Frontpoint Smart Door lock. Just keep in mind that it costs $179.99. This door lock includes Z-Wave Plus, and also has a touch-screen keypad, and it can easily integrate with the Frontpoint system.

Can Frontpoint integrate with a smart thermostat?

Frontpoint does not currently sell smart thermostats, but there are 3rd party compatible options, including those from, which you can integrate with your system.

If the power goes out or the network goes down, will Frontpoint still work?

Yes, the system will still work if the power goes out or if the network fails to work. It has a 4G LTE cellular backup system, and also has battery backup, which continuously monitors the system.

Does Frontpoint work with a landline?

Frontpoint does not work with a landline. It only works with wireless monitoring, but this is generally a good thing. This makes it easy to install, and much more flexible to use.

Final Thoughts

Frontpoint’s customer service department is exceptional, and when you add a simple installation and online resources, it is great for customers who want the assurance of a traditional home security system but with mobile convenience. With a number of device kits to pick from, or you can build-your-own, and three different tiers for monitoring, Frontpoint helps you to create the perfect system. Frontpoint offers great home security with smartphone control and smart home integration, but it does require a lengthy three-year contract if you want a lower monthly rate. Remember, if you want to give Frontpoint a try, it is risk free for 30 days. But, if you don’t return the equipment and cancel the contract, you will be stuck with the bill.

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