Pinterest is a place for inspiration, collecting ideas, browsing through projects you would love to try or simply just looking at and admiring pretty things. From the latest trends to new design ideas, we’ve rounded up our favorite pins of the week featuring bathrooms – so you can see what our friends and fellow pinners are loving!

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1. DIY Restoration-Hardware Inspired Shelving

7th House On The Left

Photo courtesy of 7th House On The Left

2. Rain Cave Shower

Life1nmotion Tumblr

Photo courtesy of Life1nmotion via Tumblr

3. Bathroom Makeover

The 36th Avenue

Photo courtesy of The 36th Avenue

4. Upcycle An Old Bicycle Into A Bathroom Sink via Buzzfeed

Photo courtesy of via Buzzfeed

5. Weekend Bathroom Makeover For $150

This Nest Is Blessed

Photo courtesy of This Nest Is Blessed

6. 20 Bathroom Designs With Vintage Industrial Charm


Photo courtesy of Decoholic

7. A Spa-Like Master Bathroom

Aqua Lane Design

Photo courtesy of Aqua Lane Design

8. Bathroom Inspiration

The Handmade Home

Photo courtesy of The Handmade Home

9. How To: Make A DIY Pebble Mat


Photo courtesy of Curbly

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