Whether you’re installing for the first time or renovating an existing one, Spring is the time to start thinking about your new deck or patio. Your first task is to choose the material to best fit your personality and budget.


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For the traditionalists out there, there are a few different options when it comes to wood decks.

You can go for pressure-treated wood, which is the most common decking material, for a cheap, classic option that repels insects and water. In order to customize it to your house, there are an array of options for painting and staining it to your liking. However, it needs to be refinished and resealed yearly.

If price isn’t a concern, and you still want the classic look, there are tropical hardwoods and natural hardwoods that also withstand bugs and water when properly treated.


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If maintenance issues are a concern for you, composite is a good alternative to wood. Made from wood fibers and recycled plastics, composite decks are a sustainable and durable option. They can hold up in any climate and require minimum upkeep, while keeping the look of natural hardwood. For this reason, it is more expensive than the alternatives.



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Metal, such as aluminum, is another cost friendly option that strongly holds up to the elements, while staying low-maintenance. In addition to not having to worry about splintering, rot or mold, aluminum is also resistant to rust, making it more durable than other options. In exchange, metal is the most expensive option of materials.



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Concrete is long lasting, durable and can be cleaned with pressure washing. Like wood, it can also be customized with stain and paint. From underground roots and time, concrete can crack, requiring maintenance and repair to prevent tripping hazards.


Stone Tile Pavers

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Similar to concrete, you can also choose stone tile pavers for a patio. It is also long lasting and durable to the elements, while also giving a more intricate and classy design.


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Cobblestone and stone tile pavers are best left for professionals to install, because of the complexity and required skill level.
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