We hope your Halloween was filled with happy trick-or-treaters, fun, and festivities. But sometimes Halloween brings out the mischief in people. Did your home get egged? It happens. The egg, which flies so easily from the hands of Halloween pranksters, can cause serious damage, and headache, for the homeowner. Egg is mostly water but has a fair amount of proteins and fat, which can prove difficult to remove. If you wake up November 1st to a sticky, yellow mess, here’s the best tips to remove

If you wake up November 1st to a sticky, yellow mess, here’s the best tips to remove egg.

Step 1

If the egg is still mostly wet then try spraying or washing it with cool water (hot water may actually cook the egg, making it really difficult to remove). Be sure to aim the hose above the egg so that the water pressure doesn’t splatter the egg further. If you can remove the egg while it’s wet you’ll have better luck with using only water, and possibly a scrub brush, to remove the mess.

Step 2

After the moisture-rich egg matter is removed you’ll still need to attack the protein and fat matter. Use a high-alkaline household cleaner (one that is recommended for removing other organic, high protein matter like grass, food, blood, etc.).  Follow the manufacturers instructions. After using the solution on your home, wait for the cleaner to start breaking down the proteins then rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Step 3

If Step 2 isn’t enough then you’ll want to use a product with a higher pH, like Formula 409 All Purpose Cleaner or  Formula 505 Cleaner and Degreaser. Before using, wet the egg surface to make sure it will absorb the cleaning product. Using a scrubbing brush, apply the cleaner, scrub, then rinse thoroughly. You may need to repeat this process and allow the cleaning solution time to work on the fat and proteins, especially if the egg was really dry by the time you got to work.

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Happy Halloween and we wish you a vandal-free holiday!