Have you always dreamed of having the perfect beauty room or makeup station in your home but didn’t know where to start? One of the most important elements of a beauty room is great lighting to aid with makeup application. Depending on your needs, you may need to make some significant changes to your home, such as adding new electrical outlets or installing lighting fixtures. In these cases, it may be necessary to hire an electrician or a general contractor to assist with the project.

Creating a beauty room can be a wonderful gift to yourself or to someone special. That’s why we reached out to makeup and beauty experts and asked them some of the most common questions people have when it comes to setting up a beauty room at home. Below, you’ll find their helpful answers to guide you in creating your own perfect beauty space.

What are your top tips for someone setting up their first makeup station/vanity at home?

It would be great to start by determining the amount of space that is available for you at the moment. Makeup vanity doesn’t have to be huge, just spacy enough to comfortably accommodate your arsenal of makeup and skincare products.Make sure you have enough lighting! Beginners regularly struggle with precision, and good illumination will help you make with makeup application. A comfy chair that supports your back and neck will also come in handy.Finally, make sure you have enough storage space, such as organizers, brush holders, and boxes. They’ll help you keep your essentials neatly organized. Nobody likes to waste their precious morning time searching for their favorite lipstick.

Liz Breygel – LizBreygel.com

What are your essentials for the perfect beauty room today?

First and foremost, you’ll want to have a desk or vanity table to sit at and apply your makeup. Now, this doesn’t have to be a designated vanity. I actually sit at an adjustable standing desk. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s deep enough to accommodate the rest of the items below!

The next item is most definitely a mirror. This can be a decorative one, hung on the wall behind your desk/table, or a tabletop one. I am currently using the Rikki skinny mirror because it’s portable and has a light built-in.

Speaking of lighting! Ideally, you’ll set up your vanity area in front of a window to maximize natural light. If that isn’t possible, I’d recommend either a mirror with a built-in light or a small tabletop ring light to supplement.

You’ll obviously need a comfortable chair to sit in. I like a chair wide enough that I can sit cross-legged in. I also prefer something plastic or acrylic, so that I can wipe it clean. If you get makeup on an upholstered chair, cleaning will be a pain.

If your desk or vanity doesn’t have built-in drawers, you’ll want to incorporate some storage via tabletop cosmetic organizers. These are typically clear acrylic and can be drawers, carousels, bins, etc.

I also like to have a small trinket tray on my desk for my frequently used items to live in.

Ivy Boyd – https://wakeupformakeup.com

Do you have any recommendations for someone who wants a beauty room and is working with a limited budget?

Organization is key, and the Ikea Alex 9 drawer organizer is my go-to for categorizing and organizing my beauty products. I also like to upcycle my fancy candles and take the wax out of them once they’ve burned through, and use them to hold my makeup brushes. I was featured in some really great organizational articles, including this Self magazine article and Elle Decor one that surveyed beauty bloggers’ organizational hacks, and I still reference them when asked about storage since there are some fantastic hacks.

Lara Eurdolian   – NewBeauty Guest Editor + the Founder of Pretty Connected and Pretty Connected Shop

What tips you might have for organizing your beauty room?

First of all, take inventory and categorize them into expired, never opened, rarely used, and frequently used items. Discard the expired ones, and donate or gift the never opened ones. For the rarely used and frequently used products, divide them into product types and then store them accordingly. It will be easier to switch from one product to another and utilize all of the products you have in your collection.

I like to keep my everyday skincare products and makeup products in 2 separate areas of my beauty room. The skincare products are something that I use every day and every night. But makeup products are used a couple of times every week. So prioritize which ones you use most and arrange them accordingly.

For eyeshadow palettes, store them alphabetically. As a beauty blogger, my collection keeps growing every month. But when I keep the palettes alphabetically, it gets easier to pick one when I am filming for my YouTube channel.

For lipstick and other lip products, organize them by their colors. If your collection predominantly consists of one or two colors, invest in some acrylic lipstick holders and display them on top of your vanity.

Last but not the least, keep a small “to-go” bag with your favorite concealer, setting powder, brow gel, mascara, and lip product. In that way, even if you are late, you can get ready anywhere quickly.

Dr. Wasifa Ahmad Hasan – Sifascorner.com, @sifascorner

How can I extend the life of my makeup and brushes?

Extending the life of your beauty tools will save you some money. The best way to extend the life of our beauty products is to give them proper care.

Here are 4 ways to preserve these beauty items:


Mascara is one of the essential tools in the beauty world, and most of us wear it every day. It can be annoying when it runs out, becomes dry, or becomes clumpy. To prevent that, avoid pumping the mascara wand in and out of the tube too many times. Swirl the brush around in the tube.

If your mascara already reaches the point of drying up, you can solve this problem with warm water. Place your mascara tube into a cup of warm water and let it soak for 5 minutes.

You should keep your mascara brush clean as well. Place it into warm water and clean it off with a paper towel or clean cloth.


This tool is small and essential to our beauty grooming. Avoid dropping your tweezer, and keep it safe. Dropping tweezers can bend them, and they will become no good for grabbing hair.

Fix broken lipstick

A good lipstick stays fresh for a year but sometimes your favorite color/brand breaks before that time. This can be caused by bad storage temperature. A simple trick is to use a lighter to melt the broken end of the lipstick and reattach both pieces, then hold gently until firm.

Makeup Brushes

Wash your makeup brushes regularly, once a week, if they come in contact with oil or cream products. This is not only hygienic but also helps your brushes to last longer. Use cheap sulfate shampoo. This is a gentle solution.


Where is the best place for a beauty room/makeup station? Bathroom, bedroom, or somewhere else?

When it comes to vanity spaces, I know that everyone has their own personal preference. As for me, I prefer a little bit of both, but my vanity space mostly resides in the bedroom. My makeup and skincare are kept in a stand-alone wardrobe that also works as a decorative space. When it comes to doing my makeup, I use a portable table mirror to make sure that my makeup is done in natural lighting by a window on top of my stand-alone wardrobe for a more accurate look, as bathroom lighting can cause a more dramatic look. 

I think if you are trying to choose a space for your vanity, you have to think about a few different things, such as lighting, space for all your makeup and skincare (along with any accessories), and comfort. 

Lighting is important because when doing your makeup, you can skew the results with the incorrect lighting. You mostly want to work with natural lighting to give you the results you are looking for rather than what you think you are getting with artificial lighting. If you have an ample amount of space in the bathroom, then this is ideal, as you are keeping your bedroom flooring clear and clean, and it is easier to clean up in the bathroom, as you have all the tools you would need. Comfort, of course, is similar to the space aspect. Do you have a 2-sink counter? Is there space for a comfortable chair (that can be pushed into that space)?  If so, then this may be something to think about. 

I am a standing makeup applier, so for me, the bedroom works perfectly. Plus, I do like to go back and forth between the natural lighting to the bathroom lighting to get an idea of what the look will show up as in different places.  Bringing all that together, you can use your own personal preferences and find the ideal place for you to set up shop. Happy Makeup and Skincare Applying! 

Shipra Taneja – Tanejasbride.com, @tanejasbride

What type of lighting would you recommend for your vanity station/makeup room today? Any extra tips on lighting?

Good lighting can truly make or break your makeup look. That is why it’s so important to have good lighting for your vanity. Having good lighting will not only make your makeup look better, but it will also make applying it even easier. 

Some types of lighting that you want to avoid are yellow light and pink light. Both of these types of lighting are going to alter the shade of your face. When people use these types of lighting, they often tend to go overboard with certain makeup products like concealer, blush, and powder. So when they go out in natural lighting, the makeup looks completely different! 

Of course, natural lighting is the absolute best lighting for doing your makeup. But when you don’t have access to that by your vanity, the next best thing is warm white light, otherwise known as LED lighting. 

Warm white lighting is the closest to natural sunlight. This type of lighting is going to evenly light your entire face making for the easiest makeup application possible. In addition, this lighting is not going to trick you into thinking your makeup is in one shade when, in natural sunlight, it looks completely different. 

Oftentimes, warm white lighting or LED lighting is super accessible. It can be found in different vanity lighting sets that come in a variety of different designs. With all of the different design options out there for LED lighting, you are bound to find one that fits your wants and needs. And you’ll never have to worry about your lighting fooling you and messing up your makeup application ever again! 


What are your must-have brushes? 

We’ve been around a long time, so we hope we know a thing or two about good tools and their upkeep!

We have several brushes in our current assortment, plus a sponge that depending on your needs, should all work to enhance your makeup application. Even while operating in the cosmetic space, we’re a brand that subscribes to less is more, so our tool range, like our product range, is edited. Life’s confusing and complicated enough without a million beauty products to scour through to find what you really need!

Brushes we love 💗

Concealer Brush: For all those teeny imperfections, cover them up with our Concealer Brush. It’s purposely designed with synthetic hair and a small pointed tip to help you apply concealer only where it’s needed. Less is more for the most natural look.

Foundation Brush: Our Foundation Brush is synthetic with densely-packed baby-fine bristles designed to work with cream and liquid formulas to create an airbrush finish. The tapered design makes the application seamless. Simply apply a small amount of foundation directly onto the brush and spread the product evenly over your face.

Velvet Brush: Having a full soft fluffy brush is key for evenly applying powders – either loose or pressed foundation, finishing powders, or blush and bronzer. Our synthetic hair Velvet Brush is manufactured with new technology making the hair super soft. It stays full and fluffy and does not shed like traditional fluff brushes. We also made the handle a bit shorter, making it easy to throw in your purse or travel kit.

Angled Brow Brush: Want fully defined and perfectly shaped brows? Our Angled Brow Brush can be used for filling in your brows and also for easy eyeliner application. Our brush is thin and firm with an angle that helps create the most natural look when applying brow powder. Also, use it with a water-activated cake liner to create a dramatic eye.

SMOOTH Blender: Whether you’re a seasoned makeup pro or a beginner, our SMOOTH® Blender has you covered. Poreless and latex-free, this blender allows you to create an airbrushed look and smooth finish every time. Designed with unique AquaLock Technology, this pore-less, edge-less, and latex-free blender keeps product on your skin, not trapped in the blender, to craft a streak-free, airbrushed look and smooth finish.

Keeping your brushes clean!

Using brushes that are not cleaned on a regular basis will create a build-up of products that can affect their application effectiveness and also hold on to bacteria and oils that can cause blemishes.

Synthetic brushes are easy to clean and should be cleaned after a few uses, if not daily. After thoroughly rinsing, gently press the water out and lay flat on a counter surface (not a towel, as it might hold bacteria). They should be dry by the next morning.

Lisa Thurman – amazingcosmetics.com

How do you recommend incorporating personal style into the design of a beauty room?

Your beauty room is where you go to make yourself feel beautiful. It should be a reflection of your inner and outer style and be a place where you can feel your best. Create a colorful space that complements your skin tone and hair (no one wants to feel washed out or look jaundiced when you’re trying to put your makeup on). Incorporate art prints on the walls and flowers on your vanity that make you smile. You can also use your accessories to create a unique aesthetic telling the story of your style. Hang your colorful jewelry on the walls, display your prettiest shoes, make a wall of hats, or even your dresses or t-shirts can be used for decoration. This is a room for you alone, and it should showcase your favorite things that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Katie Racine – Editor-in-Chief & Founder – Literally, Darling

What recommendations do you have for anti-aging essentials?

For anti-aging essentials, I would always recommend the 3 basics, which are a good cleaner, toner, and moisturizer. Of course, there is the added bonus of having a good retinol product or night cream at hand, too, as it plumps the skin and reduces the signs of wrinkles and fine lines, but in terms of the essentials, those would be the main tips that I would recommend.

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