If you’re looking for a way to increase the square footage in your home without making major structural changes or losing part of your yard, remodeling your basement can be a great way to go. Plus, if you live in the right city, you may also be making a good investment in your home.

When it comes to remodeling your home, it’s not only about what project you choose and how well the work is done, but it’s also location, location, location. Remodeling your home’s basement has an average return on investment of 70 percent nationally in 2013, but that number can vary dramatically depending on where you live. In Honolulu, Hawaii, the return was a whopping 118 percent, but in Worchester, Massachusetts, remodeling your basement only had a return of 41 percent.

Here are the top ten cities where remodeling your basement has the most bang for the buck, based on data compiled by Remodeling Magazine.

Best Cities for Return on Investment from a Basement Remodel

City ROI Cost
Honolulu, HI 118.3% $73,873
San Francisco, CA 105.2% $83,394
Charleston, SC 98.8% $56,157
Austin, TX 92.1% $53,133
Houston, TX 91.3% $55,149
San Antonio, TX 91.0% $53,815
San Diego, CA 90.9% $72,863
Dallas, TX 89.1% $53,987
Miami, FL 89.0% $57,696
Phoenix, AZ 87.7% $59,098

Many of the cities in the top ten are in warm climates where summer can be punishingly hot (Texas, Florida, Arizona). A finished basement can be a great place to cool off in the warm summer.

So where should you consider thinking twice before remodeling your basement? Here are the ten cities with the smallest return on investment from remodeling the basement.

Worst Cities for Return on Investment from a Basement Remodel

City ROI Cost
Buffalo, NY 53.1% $62,117
Providence, RI 52.7% $65,023
Detroit, MI 51.8% $67,274
Albany, NY 50.0% $61,723
Rochester, NY 49.4% $60,325
Allentown, PA 47.6% $64,230
Manchester, NH 47.1% $58,825
Springfield, MA 44.9% $62,967
Harrisburg, PA 44.7% $59,339
Worchester, MA 40.6% $68,407

Adding a finished basement in the northeast is not a particularly good investment. In fact, the only city in the northeast where finishing the basement had a higher return on investment than the 70 percent national average was Baltimore, Maryland, with a return of 73 percent.

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