Keeping up with technology at home and at work can be challenging and it may take you out of your comfort zone. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can transform life around you for the better with its convenient factors and dynamic functionality. Before you put a pause on your home tech upgrades, you’ll want to consider what the latest generation of AI solutions can do to improve life at home and make it a smart home

What Is AI and How Can It Make Your Life More Comfortable?

Artificial intelligence refers to the engineering of intelligent machines, designing them in such a way to simulate human intelligence. Of course, ‘human’ is a misnomer here. Instead of proteins and synapses that make up our brains, digital algorithms govern AI machines and their ability to ‘make decisions’ based on digital data, mechanical sensors, and even human input.

Essentially, engineers design smart machines with AI functionality to take action based on information fed to it from different sources. Instead of passive machines like toasters and calculators that have consistent and predetermined operations, AI machines use real-time data to make operating decisions. Because these machines appear to be learning and problem-solving, they do, indeed, seem surprisingly intelligent. Home automation, powered by AI, is one of the key aspects of creating a smart home. By integrating AI technology into our homes, we can enjoy the convenience of automated tasks and improved efficiency.

Science fiction films aside, tech engineers are not developing AI gadgets to replace humans. Rather, these machines have the power to enhance humans’ lives—to improve the way we do things and the way we live. Once we get over the learning curve and understand how AI machines around our home operate, we can take advantage of and rely on their terrific functionality for all sorts of things—like turning the lights on at the first sign of darkness to improve home security, and making fresh coffee in the morning the moment you tell Alexa to “get brewing.” With more AI solutions around your home, you can enjoy a level of service that promises to make your life more comfortable—and entertaining and have a safer home with all the home security gadgets that you can look for in the market like smart doorbell cameras you can control from your smartphone and smart locks that can be operated with a code, a fingerprint or even with a smartphone instead of using a key.

AI Popular Personal Assistants 

AI personal assistants, sometimes known as an automated personal virtual assistant or intelligent personal assistant, can support users with a wide array of services. Among the most popular AI personal assistants are Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, Jibo, and Cortana. These AI assistants rely on an in-built natural language user interface. Users make queries, and the AI devices have a level of functionality that allows them to provide information to questions or commands such as:

  • What’s the weather forecast for today?
  • What do I have on my work calendar tomorrow?
  • Can you remind me to return clients’ calls?
  • What’s the zip code(s) for Santa Fe, NM?
  • Find me a recipe for blueberry cobbler?
  • Set my alarm for 6:30AM.

What’s more, these virtual personal assistants and their applications can also be paired with other AI devices around your home, so you could say, “Siri, play my jazz playlist” or “Alexa, lower the thermostat to 68 degrees.” With each new incarnation and update, these AI personal assistants become increasingly refined and even better at what they do. 

AI in Your Kitchen

Even if you love to cook, a considerable number of kitchen tasks can be downright mundane. Fortunately, as AI takes shape in today’s kitchens, we can rely on it to do everything from reverse engineering recipes (based on a photograph) to ensuring we don’t overcook the buffalo wings. As you consider how to introduce more AI into your kitchen space, here are some popular AI gadgets to keep in mind. Remember that each brand and model may offer different functionality, so be sure to consider specific features before you buy.

Smart Fridge

Any new fridge will keep food cold, but a smart fridge does so much more. With its wifi connectivity, you can connect your AI fridge to other smart devices in your home and use this appliance to:

  • Browse the internet from its built-in screen
  • Track expiration dates on food in the fridge
  • Store recipes
  • Generate shopping lists
  • Stream music, and more

Smart Kitchen Hub

Connect all your smart kitchen gadgets with one convenient hub that features:

  • Screen for watching YouTube videos (or streaming Netflix)
  • Chat with family and friends
  • Guided cooking apps
  • Ventilation functionality
  • Control other household AI devices

Smart Stovetop

With a smart stovetop or range, you can conveniently:

  • Control cooking controls by voice
  • Connect to wi-fi
  • Synchronize ventilation and lighting 
  • Rely on enhanced safety features

Smart Wi-Fi Instant Pot

Dinner is a breeze when you can literally cook remotely with an instant pot, many models in the market can be controlled with your mobile device to:

  • Adjust cooking times
  • Check meal progress
  • Schedule turn-on and turn-off times
  • Connect to other smart kitchen appliances

Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

The only gadget that’s trendier than an air fryer right now is a smart Wi-Fi-enabled air fryer that lets you:

  • Connect to apps (like your AI virtual assistant)
  • Access online recipes
  • Monitor meals 

Precision Cooker with App

Achieve perfect cooking results with a precision cooker and app. This smart gadget allows you to:

  • Cook to the exact temperature required
  • Set cooking time and temperature
  • Control this device with your smartphone

Smart Oven with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi connected smart ovens let you access your oven controls from your smart device so you can:

  • Preheat your oven from remote locations
  • Use your phone to change cooking temperatures
  • Adjust other features, like clock or cleaning functionality
  • Connect to other smart kitchen devices
  • Receive cooking notifications
  • Share recipes, and more

Automatic Pan Stirrer with Timer

Save your arm the strain, and employ an automatic pan stirrer with a timer to keep foods like sauces continuously in motion as required by recipes. Features of this device include:

  • Remote adjustments 
  • Multiple speed options
  • Self-rotating

Smart Microwave Oven

An AI-powered microwave takes microwave cooking to another level. Features of a smart microwave include:

  • The ability to connect to other smart devices, like your smart kitchen hub
  • Touch-screen functionality and internet streaming
  • Interior cameras to check on food
  • Remote adjustments and more

Smart Coffee Maker

Brew coffee with the touch of your smart device, or have your AI virtual assistant tell your smart coffee maker to start brewing. These smart gadgets are:

  • Designed with Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice activated
  • Programmable and adjustable remotely

Trash Scanner with Voice

Use your trash scanner with voice functionality to:

  • Scan discarded items’ barcodes to be recorded on the grocery list
  • Determine what to recycle 
  • Order groceries with the online app

Smart Dishwasher

Enjoy more control of your dishwasher when it’s enhanced with AI functionality that lets you:

  • Remotely adjust controls
  • Connect to other smart devices
  • Monitor wash and dry cycle times
  • Receive alerts if any problems occur

Automatic Touchless Soap Dispenser 

Reduce germ spread with your automatic touchless soap dispenser that includes features such as:

  • Hands free soap dispensing
  • Adjustable switches 
  • Infrared motion sensor

AI for Cleaning and Lawn Mowing

Relying on AI can save you time—precious time—cleaning your house and mowing your lawn. Not only do AI home maintenance devices save you time, but they also do an effective job at what they’re designed to do. Using the following devices at home can increase your downtime while ensuring that your home’s essential cleaning and maintenance tasks are accomplished well. 

Brooming Robot 

With their built-in sensors, brooming robots find and sweep up dirt so you don’t have to. There are different cleaning robots on the market today; some actually combine sweeping and mopping chores and some of them even have the wireless charging feature. A robot with brooming capabilities will:

  • Search for dirt on your flooring
  • Perform ‘sweeping’ action to remove dirt, dust, and small debris
  • Integrate your other apps

Mopping Robot

Sanitizing floors in this post-covid world has never seemed more important. Now, you can rely on precision mopping robots to keep your floors scoured. A mopping robot can provide:

  • Precision jet-spraying functionality
  • Dirt-loosening sweeping action
  • Vibrating cleaning heads 
  • Floor and carpeting sensors
  • App integration 

Vacuuming Robot

Vacuuming your rugs and cleaning your rug pads has never been easier thanks to AI technology. There are many different vacuum robots on the market today, so you’ll have plenty of options. Look for models that feature:

  • Smartphone controls and app integration
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Voice controls
  • Scheduling functionality
  • Monitoring capabilities

Lawn Mowing Robot

Take back your free time, and employ a lawn mowing robot to keep your lawn perfectly manicured. These smart devices can sense obstacles like flowerbeds, trees, and steep inclines. Choose a lawn mowing robot that includes must-have features such as:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app
  • Rain sensors
  • Anti-theft sensors
  • Quiet operation
  • Monitoring functionality

AI in the Bedroom

Use AI technology to help you transform your bedroom into a home sanctuary space. From smart lighting to smart outlets and pillows, the following AI devices offer connective functionality as well as unique features that promise to enhance your comfort:

Smart Bed and Sleep Trackers

Improve sleep quality with a smart bed and built-in sleep tracker. These devices tend to provide more accurate tracking than stand-alone sleep trackers. They include features such as:

  • Body temperature sensors
  • Bed temperature adjustments
  • Bed firmness adjustments
  • Memory lock settings
  • Sleep tips and reports

Smart Pillows

Track your sleeping habits conveniently with a smart pillow infused with AI technology. These pillows provide:

  • Sleep tracking 
  • Snoring reduction
  • Lullaby functionality (i.e. soothing sounds to help lull you to sleep)
  • Sleep cycle monitoring

Smart Lighting and Lamps

Control your home’s lighting even when you’re not at home with smart lighting and lamps that feature:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile apps
  • Smartphone controls
  • Color-changing capability
  • Voice command
  • Scheduling 

Smart Air Conditioner

Maintain perfect temperature control during the warm season and make your AC more efficient with a smart air conditioner. These AI-enhanced devices offer features such as:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile controls
  • Integration with AI personal assistants
  • Scheduling
  • Energy efficient operation for improved cost savings

Smart Blinds

Control your blinds from your bedroom or from another city! Smart blinds and motorized shades come with features that include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile app controls
  • Voice activation 
  • Light filtering functionality

Smart Outlets

Featuring cloud intelligence, smart outlets plug right into your wall outlets to provide you with features like:

  • Appliance timer functions
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Integration with AI virtual personal assistants 
  • Prevention of overcharging your devices

Smart Projector and Screens

Conveniently portable, today’s smart projectors and screens help you deliver a seamless viewing experience. These devices offer smart features such as:

  • Wi-fi connectivity and controls
  • Phone streaming capability
  • Voice control
  • App integration

Smart Speakers and Displays

Enjoy precision audio controls and other functionality with smart speakers and displays. Look for models that feature:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Integration with AI personal assistants
  • Music streaming
  • Alarm scheduling
  • Weather forecasts, and more

Smart TV

There are many smart TV options on the market today, so it’s important to do your research to ensure you purchase the device that’s ideal for you. Popular smart TV features include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming video
  • App store
  • Music streaming
  • Game app functionality 
  • Integration with AI personal assistants

AI technology can enhance life at home. While few people are willing to invest in all of these smart products, many are already relying on popular devices to support them with myriad tasks that they’d rather not have to perform themselves. Consider what household tasks you’d like to avoid—whether it’s standing over a pot and stirring endlessly, or mowing your back yard in the hot summer sun. Lucky for us modern humans, many chores are perfectly avoidable today thanks to AI, and every day new gadgets are available in the market with more and more innovative features, stay up to date and check the news to be in the loop for every invention that comes out.