Your wedding anniversary party celebrates your enduring commitment to your partner. Anniversary parties are a sentimental way to relive fond memories and share your unique love story with family and friends. An intimate and relaxing way to celebrate is by hosting your anniversary party in your home. Invite your closest loved ones to commemorate your lasting bond in style. Read this comprehensive guide for wedding anniversary party planning inspiration.

Spruce up your space

A quick spruce-up of the spaces you plan to include in your party is a great way to create a blank canvas for party decorations. Follow these tips for resetting indoor and outdoor areas to make a prime party destination.


To revitalize your indoor spaces, look over each room and find things that are out of place or haven’t been used in a while. Place items in the rooms where you want them to be stored long-term. Deep clean each space by dusting, vacuuming, and removing clutter. Remove that old stack of magazines and return books to their place on the shelf.

Once your space is clean and reorganized, consider the best way to set your furniture for a party atmosphere. Move furniture into a configuration that encourages group conversations and attention to one another. Add portable seating to ensure you have enough space to accommodate your attendees.

Add greenery and flowers to your party spaces to bring a touch of freshness and vibrancy to your home. Fix broken door handles, replace burnt-out light bulbs, and retouch chipped paint. Fix any plumbing issues in the kitchen and bathrooms you’ll make available to guests.


Incorporating outdoor space into your anniversary party is a great way to add comfort and a change of scenery for your guests.

Cut your grass, trim your landscaping, and remove weeds or overgrowth. Pressure wash your deck or patio. Add ambient lighting so the outdoor areas can still be used as it gets darker. Consider adding additional seating space to accommodate more guests and allow enough seating for them to enjoy the food, drinks, and conversation. For such events, you can always use elegant disposable plastic plates!

Need help getting your space ready? Hire a handyman to help you turn your home into a party space full of pizzazz.

Why host your anniversary party at home?

Your home is a symbol of your shared life and holds the history of your time together. What better space to celebrate love and togetherness with your loved ones? So much of your life will already be on display in family photos, special gifts on display, and more. Each room holds a story to be shared about your journey through life, spent hand in hand.

Types of wedding anniversaries

  • First: Traditionally, paper is the first wedding anniversary gift. Incorporate this timeless tradition into your decorations with paper lanterns, neutral tones, and a beautiful journal you can ask guests to fill with advice for the following years.
  • Tenth: 10th wedding anniversary is the tin anniversary. Use shiny surfaces, metal flower vases, and sparklers to celebrate.
  • Twentieth: Host a formal affair using the traditional 20th-anniversary gift of China dinnerware to make an eye-catching tablescape for a memorable meal.
  • Twenty-fifth: Sterling silver is the gift for a 25th anniversary. Glittering accents, silver napkins, and shining surfaces play into this theme. 
  • Thirtieth: The 30th-anniversary gift is a pearl. Create a beautiful beach theme that extends to your outdoor spaces with pearlescent accents that glisten in the natural light.
  • Thirty-fifth: Coral is the gift for a 35th wedding anniversary. Incorporate coral-colored floral arrangements and beachside decorative elements into your anniversary party design.
  • Fourieth: The 40th-anniversary gift is rubies. Deep, rich, red tones used as an accent in your decorations pay homage to this special tradition.
  • Forty-fifth: Cool, deep blue tones are the perfect nod to the 45th-anniversary gift of sapphires. Incorporate complementary jewel tones into your decorations for a sophisticated look.
  • Fiftieth: The traditional wedding jubilee and the anniversary of gold. Go all out with sparkling and shimmering gold accents that celebrate the accomplishment of 50 years of marriage.
  • Fifty-fifth: The traditional gift for a 55th wedding anniversary is emeralds. Fill your space with lush greenery to make a soft, natural, lively space perfect for a party. 
  • Sixtieth: A true reason for celebration! The 60th wedding anniversary gift is diamonds. Reflective surfaces, glistening decor, and shimmering goblets are the perfect ode to an extraordinary marriage.

How to plan an anniversary party

Planning an anniversary party at home can be a big, complex task. Try breaking your planning into separate stages to tackle smaller tasks over a longer period. You’ll get everything done with less stress and hassle.

Pick the date and time

Weekends work best to accommodate as many guests as possible. An anniversary party can be held during the day or in the evening. Once you set these basics, you can start determining the other aspects of your celebration. Send out a save-the-date as soon as possible to let guests know to keep their schedule clear.

Create a guest list

Who you invite depends on the kind of party you’re hosting. If you want an intimate family gathering, immediate family members and close relatives should be on your guest list. If you’re having a big bash, widen the circle to include close friends and more distant relatives.

Communicate any party etiquette to your guests ahead of time, including rules for your home, if the event is child-friendly, and what they can expect.

Anniversary party invitations

If you’re having an intimate family gathering, a phone call works well in place of a paper invitation. But for larger anniversary parties, a custom invitation is a beautiful way to share as much information about your party as possible with attendees. Include the date, time, location, the number of years you’ve been together, and any necessary RSVP information. Decorate your invitations to effortlessly communicate the theme of your party.

Set a budget

To avoid spending more than your budget can allow, set aside a specific amount of funds dedicated to your party and determine the places you want to splurge and where you can save.

Choose a party theme

The theme of your wedding anniversary party can be anything you like. Choose a theme that speaks to who you are as a couple. Setting a party theme gives you direction when looking for accents and decorations.

If you and your spouse are avid travelers, consider a Travel in Spirit theme that includes old maps, favorite foods from various vacation destinations, and plenty of pictures from your journeys.

Hosting a honeymoon party is a beautiful opportunity to reflect on your life together and the journey you’ve gone through since beginning your life together. Incorporate decor reminiscent of your honeymoon destination, pictures and keepsakes, and decorations that transport guests to a far-off destination.

Having trouble choosing a theme? Refer to the list of traditional anniversary gifts above as a launching point for an anniversary party aesthetic.

Plan your food service

If you’re hosting an anniversary party at home, consider having it catered so you don’t spend all your party time in the kitchen. A buffet is an excellent way to accommodate as many food preferences as possible and encourages guests to mingle.

Decide on drinks

Decide if you’ll be serving alcohol and how many drinks you should have available based on the number of guests you invite.

Incorporate fun activities

Use your home sound system to play your favorite music during the party. For more structured activities, consider a vow renewal or karaoke hour for guests to sing songs that remind them of you and your partner. If kids are coming, create a kid’s corner with fun kid-friendly activities when they need a break from the party.

Add anniversary party decor

Decorations are where you can really let your personality shine. Incorporate sentimental decorations, fresh plants and flowers, themed objects, and pictures of you and your beloved through time. Personalized party decorations create an intimate environment for celebration centered around you and your partner’s lasting love.

Many elements can add personality to your anniversary party, and custom neon signs are a very good choice. Customized neon signs can be designed one-to-one according to your anniversary theme. The custom neon signs completely fit your theme, making your anniversary party overall look more harmonious, beautiful, and colorful. At the same time, it can create a romantic atmosphere for your party, or any other atmosphere you want. Enjoy decorating your anniversary party with neon signs!

Anniversary party pro tips

anniversary party

Finer planning details can help elevate the experience of your anniversary party and make it one your guests remember for years to come. Remember these pro tips to take your party from standard to sensational:

  • Order a cake from a local bakery that’s big enough to serve all of your guests. For a fun touch, have them make a cake reminiscent of your wedding cake.
  • Reduce stressors so you can enjoy your own party by removing breakables and valuables from the areas guests will gather. Keep your precious items safe while allowing guests to feel ultra-comfortable in your home.
  • Ask a few family members or friends ahead of time to give a toast at the party and come up with one yourself to thank your guests. You’ll avoid putting someone on the spot who doesn’t enjoy the spotlight while encouraging anyone who wants to share to speak up.
  • Wedding anniversary party favors aren’t required but are a nice touch. Consider getting small commemorative gifts that remind your guests of a lovely time celebrating your marriage.
  • Use your invitation to let guests know what to expect. Inform them if you don’t want couples gifts, if they’ll be spending time outdoors, or if you’re expecting certain attire.
  • Set up spaces in your home for your pets to retreat if they get overwhelmed by the party. Move their water and food dishes where they can access them and check in on them occasionally.
  • Set up a cleaning service for the day after your party to give yourself a break and get your home reset after a long day of entertaining.
  • Gather anniversary messages, stories, and memories by creating a surprise anniversary video.

Ideas for wedding anniversary gifts

Unique gift ideas:

  • A custom-made, handcrafted piece of art or sculpture.
  • A personalized book of love poems or quotes.
  • A unique piece of home decor or furniture that reflects the couple’s style.
  • A personalized star map of the night sky on the day of their wedding.
  • A gourmet cooking class or experience for the couple to enjoy together.

Creative gift ideas:

  • A DIY memory jar filled with handwritten notes of special moments or memories from your time together.
  • A personalized puzzle with a special photo or message printed on it.
  • A romantic scavenger hunt with clues leading to a surprise destination or gift.
  • A personalized song or piece of music composed just for the couple.
  • A subscription box of unique and creative date night ideas.

Traditional and modern ideas:

  • For the first year, traditional gifts include paper (e.g., a personalized journal or scrapbook) and modern gifts include clocks (e.g., a unique wall clock or a smartwatch).
  • For the fifth year, traditional gifts include wood (e.g., a personalized cutting board or wooden picture frame) and modern gifts include silverware (e.g., a high-quality silverware set or personalized engraved silverware).
  • For the tenth year, traditional gifts include tin/aluminum (e.g., a personalized tin or aluminum photo frame) and modern gifts include diamond jewelry (e.g., a pair of diamond earrings or a diamond necklace).
  • For the twentieth year, traditional gifts include china (e.g., a personalized china set or a unique piece of china decor) and modern gifts include platinum (e.g., a platinum watch or a personalized platinum piece of jewelry).
  • For the fiftieth year, both traditional and modern gifts include gold (e.g., a personalized gold watch or a gold jewelry set).

Thoughtful anniversary gift ideas for your partner:

  • A personalized photo book or album of special moments and memories from your time together.
  • A relaxing spa day or couples massage to help them unwind and destress.
  • A custom-made, personalized piece of jewelry that reflects their style and personality.
  • A romantic picnic or dinner in a special location or setting.
  • A surprise weekend getaway to a destination that they’ve always wanted to visit.

Romantic ideas to celebrate your love:

  • A personalized love letter or poem written by you.
  • A surprise hot air balloon ride or helicopter tour to see the city or countryside from above.
  • A romantic evening cruise or boat ride under the stars.
  • A private cooking class or wine tasting experience for just the two of you.
  • A personalized star map or constellation print that represents a special moment or memory in your relationship.

Best home appliances 

  • High-quality kitchen appliances: Consider gifting a high-quality kitchen appliance, such as a stand mixer, blender, or coffee maker, that your partner has had their eye on. These appliances can help make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable.
  • Smart home devices: A smart home device, such as a voice assistant or a smart thermostat, can help make daily life more convenient and efficient. Consider gifting a device that fits your partner’s interests and needs.
  • Home entertainment systems: Upgrade your partner’s home entertainment system with a new television, soundbar, or gaming console. This can provide hours of entertainment and relaxation for both of you.
  • Laundry appliances: Gifting a high-quality washing machine or dryer can make doing laundry easier and more efficient. Consider a smart washer and dryer set that can be controlled remotely from a mobile device.
  • Robot vacuum cleaner: A robot vacuum cleaner can be a helpful and practical gift for busy couples. These devices can help keep floors clean with minimal effort and time.

Using a home warranty to maintain your appliances, you can keep them in top shape and avoid costly repairs down the line.

Your marriage is a worthy cause for celebration with family and friends. Sharing stories and fond memories of your life together with those who’ve been with you and your spouse through the years is a special way to commemorate one of life’s big milestones.

Inviting guests into your home to commemorate your time together creates a fun, exciting, and deeply meaningful event you’ll remember forever. Use this guide to plan your party so you can spend the day sharing laughter and joy with your attendees. With a stress-free planning process that doesn’t skip a single detail, you and your guests will share a memorable occasion you can be proud of long after the party’s over.