From a small roof deck to an extravagant, modern rooftop design, this Brookline, MA home received a huge deck upgrade. With the help of Brian Perkins Construction, Flavin Architects created this impressive rooftop deck addition spending one year on design, six months for building permits, and six months of construction, with an outcome that can be compared to the best London rooftop bars.

Built with mahogany deck material, see the results of this upscale rooftop deck addition!

Flavin Architects rooftop deck addition glass staircase

The homeowner’s smaller deck previously had a ladder that they had to climb up to get to the roof, so a more comfortable and accessible entrance to the rooftop deck was a priority in this project. A steel and glass staircase was designed to give the top floor of this house a loft-like feel and to provide easy access to the deck.

Flavin Architects rooftop deck trellis

At the top, a glass penthouse made from clad cement panels and painted dark gray, separates the stairs from the deck to create the entrance.

Flavin Architects rooftop deck mahogany trellis

Defining this living space is the mahogany trellis that frames the view and sky. The surrounding perimeter trellis creates window-like pockets to make for a distinct view in an intimate setting.

Flavin Architects rooftop deck mahogany trellis

Are you considering remodeling your deck? Here are a few things you should read before:

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All Image Credit: Flavin Architects