Make an extra seat for your kitchen, living room, or bedroom by DIY-ing your own stools. Not only are stools super simple to refresh, they can also instantly add some personality to your space with bright colors, sparkling metallics, and pretty patterns. Search through your local thrift stores for a worn down stool or give your current seats a quick makeover with these 9 DIY stool projects you can do at home!

1. Pink Striped Painted Stool

Go bold with your stool design by picking pink for your color of choice. This pink striped painted stool was created with sandpaper, painter’s tape, and paint to add a pop of color to a room.

2. Tree Stump Seat

Happen to have a tree stump in your backyard? Get the chiseled and carved look of this DIY tree stump seat by following this step-by-step tutorial.

3. Dog Bowl Stand

Turn an old stool into a dog bowl stand for your favorite pup with this DIY. Find out what you need to make your own, here.

4. Faux Fur Stool

Dress up your bedroom or closet with this girly DIY faux fur stool. Follow this full tutorial to see how you can make a faux fur stool in 12 simple steps.

5. Brass Plated Stool

Get the look of this brass-plated stool by spray painting an old rusty stool with metallic paint. Perfect as a side table or plant stand, this brass stool has an expensive look, at a cheap price.

6. Blue Trimmed Counter Stools

Turn a plain counter stool into a fresh, colorful piece of furniture by spray painting the legs and adding blue trim around the edge of the seat. Get the full details on this DIY project by following this quick tutorial.

7. Upholstered Bench With Nailhead Trim

Don’t be afraid to take on upholstery when it comes to DIY projects. See how you can turn an old vintage bench into a stylish seat with this upholstered bench with nailhead trim DIY.

8. Gold Dipped Bar Stools

Dip your basic bar stools in gold paint to achieve this fabulous look. See how a little bit of spray paint can go a long way with this easy bar stool DIY tutorial.

9. Mint Stool

Give your stool the cutest mint makeover with this distressed stool DIY. Add it as an accent chair to your living room or an extra seat in your bathroom for a shabby chic vibe.

Which DIY stool makeover is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!