Baby’s on the way, and it’s time to make space in your home for your brand-new addition. Creating the perfect nursery can be intimidating. But with these nine easy ideas, you can create a nursery your friends and your family will love–even on a tight budget.

Take a look, and then go make your baby’s space something to talk about!

1. Let the sunshine in

Revive a tired crib with a fresh coat of paint in a sunny hue. You can make sure an upcycled crib from a first child or family member is still safe to use with these safe-crib guidelines.

Tiek Built Homes - nurseries 1Photo courtesy of Tiek Built Homes

2. Brighten the walls

A fresh coat of paint can turn any extra room into a perfect space for your little ones. Try a low-odor, no-VOC paint formula for sensitive little noses.

Witt Construction - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Witt Construction

3. Go mobile

Nothing brightens up a baby’s room like brightly-colored, easy-to-hang mobiles. Pick a theme, such as adventure or animals, and hang one or a few in your new nursery.

Coburn Architects PC - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Coburn Architects 

4. Hang a chandelier

Swap out your regular light fixture for a crystal chandelier to easily elevate the look of a plain room. Changing out a light fixture is an easy DIY, but if it’s your first time, consider hiring a handyman to take care of it safely.

Frances Herrera Interior Design - nurseries 1Photo courtesy of Frances Herrera Interior Design

5. Make your own art

There’s nothing wrong with spending hours and hours searching for just the right piece of art for your new room. But if you’re feeling crafty, it’s easy and inexpensive to make your own art piece in exactly the colors you love.

Frances Herrera Interior Design - nurseries 2Photo courtesy of Frances Herrera Interior Design

6. Make it neutral

Choose neutral, muted colors like navy blue and rust red to bring bright pastels down to earth. Bonus: these decorations will still look great when it’s time for baby to have a big kid room.

Perceptins Interiors - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Perceptions Interiors

7. Paint a wall mural

A wall mural may look like a daunting task, but it’s actually a super-simple DIY: just project the image of your choice onto a wall, trace, and paint. You can even make the activity a fun project for kids by building your own projector.

Renovation & Remodeling Specialists - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Renovation & Remodeling Specialists

8. Hang wallpaper

If your nursery is suffering from Bare White Wall Syndrome, then wallpaper could be the quick fix you’ve been looking for. Cover a single wall for a punchy accent that adds interest and eliminates the need for additional wall décor.

Bossy Color - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Bossy Color

9. Go gender-neutral

Not sure if it’s going to be a boy or girl? Want to create a nursery that will work for babies two and three without having to redecorate? Skip the blue and pink, and go for a baby-friendly color like yellow or green to create a nurturing space that’s lovely for all little bundles.

Gretchen Evans Design - nurseriesPhoto courtesy of Gretchen Evans Design

Top Image Credit: Gretchen Evans Design

What do you think about these nurseries? Which ones are your most and least favorite?