Modern interiors can be pretty controversial–and for good reason. When done well, they’re clean and simple. When done poorly, they can be cold, sterile, and impersonal.

You might have a conception of modernism as chilly and dull. But there are ways to have a modern interior that’s anything but. Here are six ways to make a modern interior warm, stylish, and inviting. Take a look, and tell us what you think!

1. Freshen it up with plants

This dining room is essentially all-white, with very simple wooden furniture, but the fiddle-leaf fig tree and the succulent vignette bring instant color, freshness, and personality.

Elle Decor - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of Elle

2. Add pops of color

In this kitchen shelving vignette the bowls of fruit pop against the white shelves, walls, and marble.

Jeffrey Alan Marks - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of Jeffrey Alan Marks, Inc.

3. Keep tones warm

This kitchen is gray, but not chilly, because of the wooden stools and warm wood cabinets. The red and copper pans add an extra dose of warm color.

DeForest Architects - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of DeForest Architects

4. Use organic textures

The stack of wood in this open and airy room becomes a focal point, and the organic texture is echoed in the wooden beams. It has the effect of grounding the room and making it rustic, casual and inviting.

Homedit - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of Homedit

5. Pile on the accent pieces

The glossy black floors and clean lines of this room would be a bit boring without the bright rug, wooden stools and fresh white and green flowers.

Baobab Interiors - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of Baobab Interiors

6. Do tone-on-tone texture

This whimsical weathered wood peace sign, corrugated metal ceiling, and coiled metal elements bring life and intrigue to a kitchen with an otherwise spare and simple palette.

Renovation Design Group - warm modernismPhoto courtesy of Renovation Design Group, Inc.

Tom Image Credit: DeForest Architects

What do you think about these warmed-up modern interiors?