A small bathroom can be endlessly frustrating. Between trying to find places to keep all of your things, and starting every morning by elbowing your partner in front of the mirror, a tiny bathroom can end up making you feel like you live in a dollhouse.

But there’s hope for miniature bathroom-itis. You may not be able to change the footprint of your tiny bathroom, but you can change things about it to make it feel larger. And some of those changes are as simple as a trip to the hardware store.

Check out these six ways to make your small bathroom feel larger, and get inspired: maybe your next weekend project will be to give that cramped space some breathing room.

1. Hang patterned wallpaper

It may seem counterintuitive, but patterned wallpaper is a great way to make a small space feel roomy. Large scale patterns trick the eye into perceiving a foreground and a background, which makes stuffy walls feel further away. Bonus: in such a small room, you can get away with bold prints that might feel overwhelming elsewhere–and pricey wallpaper can stretch much further.

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2. Install open shelving

Open shelving not only provides a place to store toiletries besides already-cluttered countertops, it also elongates narrow walls, creating the illusion of more space. Make sure to choose your shelves in a finish that repels moisture and dust, so you can keep maintenance to a minimum.

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3. Get a floating sink

Making small spaces feel larger is all about expanding sightlines. Replacing a built-in vanity with a floating sink allows you to see more of the bathroom’s floor, which instantly expands the room’s visual real estate. If a floating sink is too spare for your taste, consider a floating vanity, or a pedestal sink with a narrow footprint.

4. Rev up the color

If your bathroom has wooden vanities or dark walls, you can give it an instant lift by changing its color scheme. Bright, light hues attract and reflect light, instead of absorbing it, making even shoebox-sized spaces feel airy and expansive.

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5. Go for glass shower doors

Glass shower doors, like floating sinks, are another feature that works by expanding sightlines. A shower curtain may not take up more space than a glass door, but it creates a visual wall that makes the bathroom feel miniature. A transparent barrier allows a tiny room to look its largest, without adding any floor space.

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6. Hang an oversized mirror

Mirrors amplify light and expand sightlines beyond the boundaries of a room’s walls almost like magic. A large, broad mirror will reflect more of your small bathroom, and the added mirror space will mean that you won’t have to engage in pitched battle every morning when you and your partner are brushing your teeth.

Top Image Credit: Structure Home

What drives you craziest about your small bathroom? Do these ideas inspire you to make a change?