Being a tidy dog owner, I get a little disgruntled when I walk into a friend’s home and see their beloved feline doing its business in plain sight. Trailing kitty litter into entertaining areas is neither cute nor sanitary, and can really kill the ambiance of the room.

But cat owners, take heart: there are many convenient and aesthetically pleasing disguises for the litter box that can enhance your home, and certainly create an inviting space for your guests, while giving your kitty a little privacy. Best of all, you can make them yourself! Here are five of our favorites.

1. Built-In Box

Instructables - built-in cat boxPhoto courtesy of Instructables

We love this built-in cat box that blends neatly with your bathroom’s existing vanity or linen closet. If you’re not the DIY type, this cat washroom and nightstand is an easy readymade substitute. The classic fresh white finish and steel hardware creates an appealing space, and discreet area for your cat.

2. Hacked Tidy Bin

IkeaHackers - FAKTUM looPhoto courtesy of IKEA Hackers

Our friends over at IKEA Hackers are always improving ways to live comfortably with pets, and their rendition of the Faktum kitty loo is a fabulous project for DIYers. They bought the Faktum cabinet from Ikea, and installed a cat flap door on the side, creating an easily accessible space for your pet to do their business. I also love this one because it has enough space inside for a narrow litter box, and maybe some toys or extra storage, but it doesn’t take up a ton of floor space.

 3. Modern Kitty Console

Few Bits - Modern Kitty ConsolePhoto courtesy of Few Bits

For a chic, modern home for your purry friend’s baine de salle, try this beautiful rolling cabinet perfect for disguising the litter box. This hideaway console is beautifully crafted to look like a real piece of furniture, and its chic modern design will fool your guests into thinking it has nothing to do with cats at all. If you like this look but you’re feeling less than handy, try this Danish modern cabinet from ModernistCat. Get the full instructions here.

4. Upcycled Cat Crate

Apartment Therapy - upcycled wine crate catboxPhoto courtesy of Apartment Therapy

This one is perfect for wine-loving cat owners: upcycling wine cases for a unique kitty litter box. Line the box with something water and mold resistant, and place the kitty litter in a container that fits into the bottom. Hinges provide easy scooping access. The best part: this product could fit easily under a washroom sink, or simply be stored out of sight.

5. Rustic Cat Barn

Chaotically Creative - Rustic Cat FarmhousePhoto courtesy of Chaotically Creative

This antiqued, farmhouse-style kitty litter box is another one that blends right into your home’s décor. With its distressed paint and beadboard details, it could serve as a side table or even an entryway table. Your guests will be so convinced it’s just another piece of furniture, they’ll ask you where you hide the litter box!

What are your crafty ways to hide that litter box and keep the house feeling fresh?

Top Image Credit: Architect Mason Kirby, Inc.