When working with extension cords, it’s quite easy to get frustrated. Tangles, pulled outlets and keeping them organized can be annoying. But not to worry – we’ve compiled our favorite extension cord tips and tricks to keep your next home improvement project headache-free.

Here are 4 extension cord tips to make home improvement easier.

cord tips 3

Tip 1: Tie a knot to keep cords together

For jobs that require two or more extension cords plugged in to one another, simply tie a knot before plugging them. When you pull on one end, the knot will prevent the cords from dislocating.

cord tips 4

Tip 2: Loop cords in the same direction to avoid tangling

Holding one end of the long cord in your hand, use the other hand to form long loops. Each time you make a loop, grab the cord so that you create long loops.

cord tips 6

Tip 3: Use a paper towel tube to store cords neatly

Using an empty paper towel roll, neatly fold your extension cord and shove one end into the roll.

cord tips 7

Tip 4: Use a contractor’s wrap

Step 1: plug the two ends of the extension cord together

Step 2: tie an overhand knot

Step 3: pull successive slip knots

Step 4: when ready to use, unravel with no tangle