Stepping into a room filled with the aroma of your favorite deep, rich, red wine may be just what your home is missing. For those of you who are established wine lovers, enhance your experience with a room dedicated purely and entirely for wine.

Custom designed wine cellars, racks, and coolers come in many shapes and sizes to showcase your collection. Whether you have thousands of bottles in your collection or tend to only have a few on hand, find the right storage and display for your bottles of wine with these 22 wine-inspired spaces.

1. Mediterranean Villa

Sojo Design

Project completed by Sojo Design

2. Lakeside Custom Wine Room

Gelotte Hommas

Project completed by Gelotte Hommas

3. Artistic Contemporary

Structure Home

Project completed by Structure Home

4. Modern Pantry

Phil Kean Designs

Project completed by Phil Kean Designs

5. Aurora Luxury 

House of L

Project completed by House of L

6. Stained White Oak Finish

Castanes Architects

Project completed by Castanes Architects

7. Walk-in Wine Room

WAC Contracting Inc

Project completed by WAC Contracting Inc

8. Upper Height Cooler

Bay Area Cabinetry

Project completed by Bay Area Cabinetry

9. Tuscan Cave

Riverland Homes

Project completed by Riverland Homes

10. Condominium Wine Cabinet

Robin Chell Design

Project completed by Robin Chell Design

11. Woodway Manor

Gelotte Hommas 2

Project completed by Gelotte Hommas

12. Hamptons Chic

Sojo Design 2

Project completed by Sojo Design

13. 1,600 Bottle Capacity

Castanes Architects 2

Project completed by Castanes Architects

14. Hidden Stairwell

Milestone Studio

Project completed by Milestone Studio

15. Rustic Elements

Weiss Building and Development

Project completed by Weiss Building and Development

16. Walls of Bottles

Dencity LLC

Project completed by Dencity LLC

17. Old Fashioned Cellar

Miller Interior Design LLC

Project completed by Miller Interior Design LLC

18. Underground Cooler

Prentiss Architects

Project completed by Prentiss Architects

19. Simple Wet Bar

Rossington Architecture

Project completed by Rossington Architecture

20. Hillside Harmony

Gelotte Hommas 3

Project completed by Gelotte Hommas

21. Lakefront Splendor

Gelotte Hommas 4

Project completed by Gelotte Hommas

22. Luxurious Glass

Sojo Design 3

Project completed by Sojo Design

What’s your favorite way to display your personal wine collection in your home?

Top Image Credit: Miller Interior Design LLC