Wallpaper’s back in, but covering a whole room with it can be quite a commitment—and expensive, to boot.

So how do you get pretty pattern in your home without covering your walls? Try these unexpected ideas. From lining a bookshelf to framing large panels, these wallpaper projects will add oomph to your décor.

1. Dress your dishes

Line the back of a glass hutch or cabinet with bright wallpaper to make your dishes pop.

2. Add ceiling appeal

To take your interiors to new height, skip the walls, and try papering the ceiling instead. A fun design will draw the eye up and make rooms feel both cozy and spacious.

3. Hang it all

Too many great patterns to pick just one? Make wall hangings out of several complementary sheets with this tutorial.


4. Line your drawers

Add delectable detail to your drawers by lining them with brightly-patterned paper.

5. Back your bookshelves

This super-simple DIY will turn even the most boring bookshelf into a design score.

6. Beautify your blinds

Can’t stand those plastic blinds for one more second? Transform them with a layer of wallpaper with this DIY.


7. Weather your wood

For a rustic take on floral patterns, layer paint, then wallpaper on wooden furniture, then lightly sand.

8. Create a design detail

Brighten up a boring dresser by wallpapering the sides of the drawers. The delightful detail will only show when you open the drawers up.

9. Revive vintage finds

Instead of painting vintage pieces, try decoupaging them with a layer of graphic wallpaper. This trick works especially well on veneers that can’t be sanded or refinished.

10. Refresh a tired staircase

Brighten your entryway by facing the fronts of your stairs with wallpaper in complementary patterns.

11. Make large-scale art

Not ready to cover a whole wall with a pretty pattern? Tack some molding around a single sheet to create a framed panel.

Top Image Credit: Style by Emily Henderson

Are you inspired by these low-commitment ways to use wallpaper? How have you worked wallpaper in to your home style?